Why Is Screening for Stomach Cancer Important?

Stomach cancer screening is one of the methods to help patients detect stomach cancer stages early and have appropriate treatment to prevent the disease. You can go to the nearest medical facility to perform examination procedures such as gastroscopy, blood tests to screen for stomach cancer, a biopsy. Since then, understand his health status.

Stomach cancer can be found in anyone, but those in the high-risk group are encouraged by doctors to have cancer screening as soon as possible. Specifically, those with a family history of cancer or stomach problems, patients with stomach problems, people exposed to cancer-causing factors, etc.


Why Is Stomach Cancer Screened?

Stomach cancer is a very common disease. The disease causes the body to weaken rapidly as cancer cells spread widely. Causing a high death rate. Screening for stomach cancer can help you find the disease early. Prevent cancer cells from growing. Thereby increasing the optimal survival rate and therapeutic effect, especially in the early stage of cancer. The specific benefits that stomach cancer screening offers include:

  • Detecting cancer cells or very small tumors: Before the transition to cancer stage. The patient's body often appears in strange cells or very small tumors.
  • Stomach cancer screening is a method that enables you to promptly detect abnormalities in your body. Stop the process from turning into cancer.
  • Improve the effectiveness of disease treatment, prolong life expectancy: If the disease is detected early and promptly. The rate of cure or prolongation of life expectancy is very high. Especially early-stage stomach cancer patients.
  • Help patients better understand their body to prevent cancer effectively: Taking tumor tests not only help you to prevent cancer but also helps you better understand the health of your body. Cancer screening can be considered as an essential procedure in each person's routine health exams.
  • Minimize invasive methods: Early detection of stomach cancer also helps patients limit invasive methods that cause pain to the body. The treatment regimen is also not too complicated and expensive.
  • Detecting a number of other diseases: Besides having a screening for stomach and colon cancer, you can detect some other diseases such as stomach ulcers (the leading cause of cancer), hepatobiliary digestion, etc.


Stomach Cancer Screening Process and What to Know

Screening for stomach cancer is done according to a process that includes the following specific steps:

Clinical examination

General examination process with specialists. This makes it possible for doctors to understand the specific health status of their patients for a general assessment. Learn through the patient's symptoms and medical history. After that, an in-depth examination and related tests are performed.


Does gastroscopy detect cancer? The answer is about 60% detectability. In it through the endoscopic process. Your doctor can detect damage deep inside your body, stomach, sores or polyps, etc.

If in doubt, further tests will be indicated. Gastroscopy has 2 methods including endoscopy without anesthesia (through the mouth) and endoscopy anesthesia (through the nose). An endoscopy is a simple and quick method.



After an endoscopy, the next procedure in screening for cancer is a biopsy. In this procedure, doctors will use specialized tools to insert into the stomach to collect cells in the stomach lining. This is one of the places where many lesions are present. At the same time there observed the cell samples under the microscope.

A biopsy can help detect foreign cells and diagnose benign or malignant tumor cells. For some patients with a history of peptic ulcers. A biopsy helps the doctor to detect the presence of HP bacteria in the cells of the stomach (Helicobacter Pylori bacteria – the cause of stomach cancer).

Computer tomography

Also known as CT. Patients who are assigned to this procedure often appear strange signs in the body. Besides, computer tomography also helps specialists to examine more deeply to see if cancer cells have metastasized to other organs or not. With this method, there will be no direct invasions on the body, but merely diagnose the disease based on the general images being re-captured.

From there predict the damage of the stomach as well as diagnose metastasis of cancer cells. In addition, computerized tomography also helps to detect stomach cancer is metastasized by the lymph nodes or not (often occurs in cancer stage II and stage IIIA).


Blood test for cancer cells

A blood test is also one of the cancer screening procedures. From there to help find cancer marker. Through the indicators of the blood, these indexes will have important implications in diagnosing the degree of damage to the mucosa, the stage of the disease (if any). Besides that, the concentration of the index in the blood also depends on the degree of damage to your stomach, not fixed.

Some Things to Know When Performing the Screening Procedure for Stomach Cancer

  • Fast for 6 hours before the gastrointestinal endoscopy
  • Do not drink colored or carbonated water
  • Stop all medications a few days before your visit. In particular, the use of certain pain relievers can affect the accuracy of the index.
  • Inform your doctor in advance about your health condition and choose suitable examination and testing methods. For example, people with weak conditions should choose endoscopic anesthesia instead of endoscopy without anesthesia.
  • After the test, you should eat snacks such as porridge, soup, avoid solid foods, causing indigestion.


Cancer screening is one of the most effective tests and exams to help patients detect diseases and control them more easily. However, this is also a method that requires high accuracy in terms of the index as well as carefulness in the procedures to have the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment. So were you to screen for stomach cancer, how much does it cost to screen for stomach cancer? is a question that many people are interested in today. When screening for stomach cancer, you should choose reputable and quality medical facilities and facilities to ensure modern machinery and equipment, a team of skilled doctors, and doctors to ensure accurate results and fast. The cost of screening for stomach cancer depends on the service provider. Contact hotline 1900 1717 for advice on the stomach cancer screening latest package at Diag.


Hopefully, with information about cancer screening procedures and the benefits they bring, you will have more useful knowledge in taking care of your own health. When abnormal signs appear in the body, it is necessary to immediately seek quality medical facilities to examine and find the cause. At the same time, it is necessary to develop a diet and scientific activities to limit stomach diseases in particular and other diseases in general. Make yourself a habit of periodic health checks every 6 months will help you monitor your best health.

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