General Liver Test Panel

General Liver Test Panel helps to check liver function and detect liver diseases early, limiting the risk of liver cancer.

– Gender: Male, Female.

– Sample type: Blood.

 Age: Subjects of all ages who are obese, live sedentary lives, or have a family history of diabetes or hyperlipidemia.

– Results: 03 hours from when the lab receives the sample.

– Frequency of implementation: When there is an increase in your liver enzymes.

– Note: It is not necessary to fast before the test.


1. Overview of General Liver Test Panel
Liver cancer is the most common cancer in Vietnam and accounted for 14.5% of the total number of cases in the world in 2020, with 25,000 cases. There are many common causes of liver cancer, including viral hepatitis, alcohol abuse, and a fatty liver.

Therefore, it is advisable to take our General Liver Test Panel to evaluate your liver function and any elevation of enzymes to recognize cases of liver injury or related diseases and to limit the formation of disease in the liver.

2. General Liver Test Panel Subjects

Subjects with liver enzymes more than two times the normal limit, those who drink a lot of alcohol, or have risk symptoms such as:

– Jaundice

– Indigestion

– Weight loss

– Fatigue

– Itchiness

– Obesity

– Using drugs that increase liver enzymes.

3. What Tests Does the General Liver Test Panel Perform?



– Albumin

– Liver or bone function (ALP)

– Liver function (GGT)

– Complete blood count (CBC)

– Prothrombin time (PT)

4. What Do General Liver Test Panel’s Indicators Mean?
By taking blood for testing, Diag will assess the following:

– ALAT (SGPT): An enzyme produced by the liver and released into the bloodstream when the liver is damaged. High ALT levels suggest liver damage.

– ASAT (SGOT): An enzyme produced mainly by the liver, with elevated ASAT levels suggesting liver damage.

– Liver or bone function (ALP): ALP is a protein molecule produced by many organs in the body, with elevated levels indicating possible disease of the liver and other organs.

– Liver function (GGT): CGT is an enzyme that is released in large amounts into the bloodstream when the liver is damaged. Therefore, elevated blood GGT levels may indicate liver damage or biliary tract diseases.

– Complete blood count (CBC): Can signal an infection if there is an abnormal count from the 3 blood cell lines (white blood cells + red blood cells + platelets).

– Albumin: If blood albumin levels are reduced, could suggest cirrhosis.

– Prothrombin time (PT): Check elevated INR levels to assess the degree of any cirrhosis.

– Diagnostic imaging (Note: Only applied at Cao Thang headquarters and the cost of implementation is not included in the package).

5. Why Should You Choose to Test at Diag?

Diag – Testing Center has successfully operated for more than 20 years in Vietnam. You will experience our streamlined testing process with outstanding facilities such as:

– State-of-the-art analytical equipment such as Alinity (Abbott) and Cobas 8000 (Roche) with certified chemicals, using a closed and scientific process to bring absolute and fast results.

– We possess certificates of test quality such as ISO 15189, EQAb.

– Our tests meet the needs of our patients. Diag uses modern vacuum blood collection techniques to limit pain and reduce the risk of your vein or red blood cells rupturing.

– If you are far away from our centers or busy with work, Diag Laboratories offers you a home sampling service. Your sample will be taken at home, and you can track your profile information online and receive the results via SMS.

– Carry out our General Liver Test Panel to detect liver diseases early, especially cirrhosis, to avoid it leading to liver cancer. Do not hesitate to call our hotline on 1900 1717 for 24/7 for consultation with our dedicated staff at Diag. Book an appointment as soon as possible.


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