Signs Of Female Hormonal Disorders Manifest Like?

Signs of female hormonal disorders are considered an alarming way of the body, sometimes women are often overlooked and confused with other common diseases. But it is not known that hormonal disorders have a very serious effect on the health and beauty of women. If not treated early, there is the potential to cause infertility and a host of other problems. So, when hormonal disorders will manifest and how to treat them are certain things women must pay attention to.

What Are Female Hormones?

The female hormone is a female sex hormone secreted by the ovaries, also known as estrogen. Female hormones include 3 forms: Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2) is the most common type and Estriol (E3) exists naturally in the female body, having different functions with each stage.

The Role Of Female Hormones

The female hormone plays an extremely important role, influencing physiological factors and health, and is seen as the secret to maintaining the youthfulness of women.

Physiological effects: Forming female sex organs, affecting the formation and development of eggs to lead to the ovulation cycle and monthly menstruation to help women be fertile. Besides, it is also an important factor to help maintain sexual desire and increase vaginal discharge.

• Health effects: Helps the body maintain good health, prevents aging, osteoporosis. Help the spirit to be comfortable and happy. Also effective in protecting the heart and preventing complications related to the heart.

Need to actively protect your health when there are signs of female hormonal disorders

• Effects on physique: Estrogen is considered as the golden key to having a beautiful and attractive body thanks to its use of helping smooth pink skin, smooth and healthy hair, reducing fat accumulation to create curves of the body.

How Does Hormonal Disorder Affect?

Thus, female hormonal disorders are hormonal imbalances in the body. When the amount of the hormone estrogen is reduced for a long time, it will cause adverse effects on the patient’s physiological function and metabolic processes.

Specifically, the function of the ovaries, the uterus is impaired leading to ovulation disorders, menstrual disorders. Fatigue, skin problems, decreased fertility … Some severe changes that go untreated will cause infertility in women.

What Causes Female Hormonal Disorders?

Many women wonder why hormonal disorders? After all, where is the cause? In fact, female hormonal disorders stem from bad habits in everyday life, but sometimes people do not realize:

• Age: This is the most common cause, the natural inevitability of female hormonal disorders. For women, 35 years and older who are at risk for hormonal disorders because at this stage ovarian function will stop producing.

Women over 35 years old are more likely to have female hormonal disorders

• Oral contraceptive abuse: For people who use birth control pills regularly, there is a higher risk of female hormonal disorders than normal people. The reason is that the synthetic estrogen component of birth control pills causes hormone imbalances in the body.

• Inappropriate diet: Unscientific eating habits are also a common cause of female hormonal disorders. The use of fast, greasy foods will increase female hormone hormones, causing an imbalance. In particular, for women who want to lose weight, but using the wrong way to force their body to fast and lack of quality in diets also leads to this situation.

• Staying up late: This is an unhealthy habit, sleep is extremely important for women, helping the body rest after a long day, restoring health to flush toxins, and improving the skin. Staying up late not only affects the nervous and cardiovascular system but also causes female hormonal disorders.

• Unsecured living environment: Living in a polluted environment, smog and long-term chemical exposure is often found in export processing zones, daily use of pesticides at work leading to the menstrual cycle is disturbed, affecting the health and female hormones.

• Toxic cosmetics: Using cosmetics is a way of skincare and beauty maintenance. However, if the origin of cosmetics is not guaranteed, contains a lot of detergents, or the habit of long-lasting makeup without careful makeup removal, it will also affect female hormones causing the disorder.

Cosmetics that are not removed from make-up can also disrupt female hormones

• Mental stress: When long-term stress and fatigue and stress at work and life are also the cause of the adrenal gland decline, the amount of the hormone estrogen secreted is less causing the hormonal disorder.

• Ovarianectomy: This is undesirable when ovarian resection also reduces the amount of estrogen due to the loss of the ovaries and the ability to produce this hormone.

What are the Symptoms of Female Hormonal Disorders?

Signs of female hormonal disorders often manifest on the female body can be easily recognized to detect the body’s abnormalities to help support well and shorten the treatment of female hormonal disorders such as after:

Menstrual cycle disorders

Female hormones and the menstrual cycle have a close relationship, so the cause can also be caused by hormonal disorders that affect ovarian function.

A menstrual cycle disorder is when your menstrual cycle suddenly lasts longer or shorter than usual. Sometimes there are cases when a period is not until every few months. The amount of blood in the cycle also changes more or less erratically, there is the appearance of black blood clots …

Have a gynecological disease

Women with frequent and prolonged gynecological diseases are also a sign of female hormonal disorders. At this time, the decrease of hormones causes the reproductive organs to be affected, reducing vaginal discharge, causing an acidic environment to be affected, creating a favorable environment for bacteria to enter, causing gynecological infections to return repeated many times.

Psychological instability

Not only the effects on reproductive health but when having hormonal disorders, women also have psychological instability. Because Estrogen plays a decisive role in the production of Serotonin, it is easier to say that this is an emotion. Therefore, the body will fall into a state of fatigue, negative thoughts, and stress without understanding the cause.

Reduce libido

Decreased libido is one of the most obvious symptoms
of female hormonal disorders

One issue that makes women worry is that the reduction of sexual desire affects married life. Due to the decrease in hormone levels, women feel negative, making it difficult to have orgasms. If this situation lasts often, it will lead to many other consequences. But most people just think that it’s due to psychological problems or work pressure without thinking that they have a female hormone disorder.

Abnormally increased blood pressure

Estrogen affects the metabolism and stability of the body. When hormonal disturbances cause a sudden increase in nitrate, the blood pressure increases. In some cases, women also suffer from frequent sweating that makes the body uncomfortable and tired.

With hormonal disturbances, a woman’s blood pressure increases abnormally

Her beauty declined

Body shape and beauty have a deep connection with hormonal hormones that help women’s beauty rank up. Skin elasticity, moisture, body curves, and reduced-fat are all thanks to hormonal balance. When being disturbed, the beauty affects the skin, making the skin dry, acne, hot, and over time, there will be dark spots and hard to control weight gain.

What Is The Treatment?

How do I know if I have a hormonal disorder? Through the abnormal signs of a sister’s body, it is possible to speculate that she may have a female hormonal disorder. But also does not rule out the possibility that this is a manifestation of other diseases.

Therefore, to get the most accurate diagnosis results, women should go to the hospital to be checked and tested for female hormonal disorders.

What to do when female hormonal disorders? Through hormonal indicators, doctors will have a clear diagnosis of the cause and condition, thereby directing active treatment through different methods.

Female hormone treatment with medicine

Drug treatment must follow the prescription of the doctor with drugs that help improve the disorder such as hormone replacement drugs, hormonal and birth control drugs, vaginal estrogen pills, Clomiphene pills, and Letrozole stimulates ovulation. Depending on the situation, the drugs and dosage will be different according to the medical condition.

Hormonal disorders are treated with natural methods

Here is how to improve hormonal disorders for women who already have it or can also be applied as a way to prevent female hormonal disorders to help ensure the health and beauty of women by:

• Eat properly: Supplement healthy foods, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, foods rich in omega-3, especially soybeans and soy sprouts are rich in Genistein for increasing hormone.

Eat properly to regulate hormones

• Limit the use of cosmetics: Cosmetics are a commonly used beauty treatment, but using the wrong way can disrupt female hormones. Need to buy safe cosmetics that ensure the origin and prioritize natural ingredients, avoid those with strong bleaches that cause pigmentation. When you have to wear makeup all day, you need to remove makeup thoroughly to avoid cosmetic poisoning.

• Environment: When exposed to a polluted environment, special protective gear is required. Regular cleaning of the house ensures a well-ventilated environment away from pathogens. When on the street, carefully shield and wear a mask to reduce the inhalation of dirt in the air.

• Avoid self-pressure: It is advisable to find a way to balance and keep your mind at ease not only good for your health but also to avoid the risk of hormonal disorders. You can create fun to make yourself happier by taking more time off or doing something of a personal hobby like sewing, cooking weekends.

• Exercise regularly: In addition to nutritional supplements, women should pay attention to increase mobility, exercise healthy exercises. But it is important to conform to yourself like yoga, swimming, walking. Avoiding overtraining can backfire and put pressure on muscle mass and health.

Signs of female hormonal disorders are not difficult to recognize, but it is something many people ignore. Listening to yourself more than you sense and paying attention to unusual problems is essential to actively protect your health.

Exercise regularly to maintain normal hormones

When there are signs of hormonal disorders, women should consult a doctor for timely advice to avoid leading to serious effects on reproductive health. In addition, creating a healthy lifestyle is a way of maintaining the youthfulness and beauty of women.

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