Is Ligament Stretching Dangerous? What Is The Treatment?

Depending on the degree of stretching the ligaments will cause different pain that makes it difficult for the patient to move. So, when does ligament relaxation become dangerous and need to see a doctor for treatment? Does this condition cause any dangerous complications?

What Is Ligament Ligament Stretching?

Ligaments are composed of thick, connective muscle fibers surrounding the joints in the vertebrae. Ligaments are responsible for connecting bones, helping to stabilize and protect the joint.

Ligament stretching often occurs in case of overexertion, incorrect posture, or trauma, causing the ligament to stretch abnormally and become damaged.

When ligaments stretch the ligament will cause the patient to have limitations in normal daily activities and have long-lasting pain. For lumbar ligament relaxation is usually divided into 2 levels as follows:

Mild pain: This is the mildest level, leading to moderate restriction of movement, often patients do not experience severe back pain. In this case, the ligament will usually recover quickly after a few days and the symptoms will also subside with rest, restricting vigorous movement.

The ligament stretches cause limited mobility with prolonged pain

Severe injury: This is a quite serious condition, the patient develops severe back pain, makes the health affected, the person is tired and prevents a lot of walking. If this condition is not treated in time but prolonged it can lead to worse progression and progress to chronic.

One of the most common mechanical causes of low back pain, known as lumbar spinal pain, is caused by excessive stretching of the muscles and ligaments next to the spine.


Ligamentectomy is a common musculoskeletal disorder that can have many different causes, but the most typical is usually due to:

• The injury has a direct or indirect impact on the back.

• Movement in the wrong position or use too much, often in the case of sitting at work, carrying heavy objects, playing sports, sleeping in the wrong position for a long time, suddenly twisting …

• Is vibrated as often as when in contact with machines, engines in the working environment.

• Ligaments age naturally over time, common in the elderly.

• During pregnancy, women are also at high risk of ligament relaxation.

Common causes of ligaments in the back are stretched

But in some cases, although the patient has long-lasting low back pain, the examination cannot find out the pathology or effect leading to this condition. This may also be the case with less common causes due to the patient’s psychological problems such as excessive stress, anxiety, spinal deformity, overweight, obesity.


Symptoms of lumbar ligament relaxation usually depend on the severity of the injury, but often features similar to those associated with osteoarthritis: pain in the back area with limited mobility as follows:

  • The pain will manifest differently depending on the situation with levels of mildness, dull prolongation, or sudden pain, especially when the sick person bends over, turns, coughs, carries heavy objects impacting on the back.
  • As the condition worsens, the pain can spread down to the buttocks, but usually does not affect the legs. In the case of weak feet, numbness, difficulty in going to the toilet possibly due to nerve damage, you should quickly go to the hospital to be examined and treated promptly.
  • Swollen, red hot joints.
Signs to recognize when ligaments damage the back
  • Joint stiffness, especially in the morning after waking up, makes it difficult to move in the back area. Usually, after the massage, the new feeling of stiffness lessens, the patient can move normally.
  • Pains, accompanied by a feeling of numbness, often increases with changing weather, especially when it is cold and humid.
  • It is observed that the back area loses its natural curve, caused by the deflection of the spine.
  • Feeling tired, aching, and aching all over the body.

When these symptoms start to appear and last long, the patient’s spirit will be reduced, distracted, affecting many daily activities, work reduces the quality of life.

First Aid When Stretching Ligament

Ligament stretching should apply ice is a common question of many people when wanting to learn how to properly first aid if ligament stretching occurs.

Although ligament relaxation is not life-threatening, without proper first aid and early treatment there is a risk of becoming chronic, which can make it difficult to treat later and affect health, may even increase the risk of ligament rupture, making joints more susceptible to damage and loose.

Ligament stretches should be cold or hot?

When first aid patients with ligament stretching, it is necessary to pay attention to such issues as:

• Limit movement when there are signs of ligament stretching, too much movement will make the damage worse, break ligaments and prolong the recovery process.

• Do not use highs, oils, or heating pads that will make the ligament tension worse and difficult to contract as usual.

• Ligament stretches should be treated with ice immediately after the injury occurs.


How long does it take to stretch ligaments? To know the process of recovery of the ligament needs to be based on the severity of the injury of the ligament and the patient’s health. After the examination, the doctor will recommend a treatment regimen such as:


In mild cases, patients with low back pain should pay attention to rest, avoid excessive movement. Lie best position is lying on your back, head, shoulders, buttocks, and heels touch the bed, relaxed body. Avoid lying on a mattress that is too thick or too hard, causing pressure on the blood vessels.

Use a cold compress

For back ligament stretching, you should not use hot compresses, but instead, cold compresses, to avoid the ligament tension further, difficult to recover. Ice compresses muscles and ligaments, reducing pain sensation. Cold compresses should take about 30 minutes, it is better to combine gentle massage to stimulate blood circulation, which is to increase the effectiveness of pain relief.

Practice yoga, massage

Yoga is a discipline that enhances the body’s endurance, strengthens bones and joints, and is good for muscles and ligaments. For people with ligament, relaxation can refer to yoga exercises that help improve mental and health, speed up the recovery process. But note should follow the process, avoid overly difficult exercises.

Yoga helps to improve ligament relaxation very effectively

In the case of a serious injury, intense uncontrolled pain that makes it difficult to live in everyday life, the recommended method is medication. Many patients are interested in treating ligament ligaments with herbal medicine is good?

For the use of both western and oriental medicine, there are effective treatment effects, improving pain and swelling. But it is necessary to consult a specialist to use the drug properly and effectively. Avoid using oral medications or the wrong dose that could cause side effects or worsen the condition.

Surgical treatment

If long-term medical treatment for low back pain is not as effective as expected, the doctor will consider the indication for surgical intervention, usually applied in cases of severe pain seriously affecting the movement of the patient.

Some other treatments that apply are usually lumbar support belts, spinal stretching, electro-pulse therapy, acupuncture, infrared light … depending on the case, there will be a suitable treatment.


In addition to the concern about the treatment method, it is also important to pay attention to the right nutrition. So, stretching back ligaments should eat?

You should add foods high in anti-inflammatory omega 3 that are found in salmon, herring, avocado, and nuts. Increasing eating more vegetables and fruits to help load enough vitamins and minerals for the body, increase the resistance. Milk, calcium-rich dairy products are good for bones and joints, which are also beneficial foods that people with ligament stretches should use at a reasonable level …

Yoga helps to improve ligament relaxation very effectively

In addition, you should also limit fast foods, do not use stimulants, limit protein foods to avoid severe swelling and pain. Finally, it should be noted that drinking enough water every day to limit the secretion of lactic acid in the muscles is one of the causes of pain.

Although ligament stretching is not too serious a life-threatening condition, if the condition lasts too long, it will affect health and limit daily movement. Therefore, understand what ligament stretching is, first aid, and effective treatment is the best way to help protect the back from damage and speed up the recovery process after experiencing damage.

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