Vitamin E: What Is Its Role In Fertility?

Vitamin E is one of the vitamins known for many wonderful effects such as antioxidant, skin beautifying, cell membrane protection, … Especially Vitamin E is also capable of supporting fertility for both men and women.

1. What Does Vitamin E Have On Fertility?

Vitamin E is a compound that supports fertility for both men and women. They are found in both sperm and egg. Therefore, if you are planning to become pregnant, the supplementation of this ingredient in the body is indispensable.

For Women

Vitamin E has many benefits in supporting fertility in women

For women, when supplementing an adequate amount of vitamin E will bring the following amazing benefits:

+ Improve menstrual disorders effectively

A menstrual disorder can interfere with your intention to become pregnant. Vitamin E supplementation for the body will help the menstrual cycle of women more regularly. In particular, studies show that when women with menstrual disorders or menopausal women supplement with vitamin E can significantly improve unpleasant symptoms such as abdominal pain, back pain, … due to menstrual disorders.

+ Thickening the lining of the uterus

Thinning of the uterine lining in a woman makes conception more difficult and female infertility may result. The daily intake of Vitamin E helps to increase blood flow to the arteries. Thanks to that, the thickness of the uterine lining is also increased, supporting reproduction for women.

+ Treatment of polycystic ovary disease (PCOS)

Ovarian polycystic is one of the most common medical conditions in women. This syndrome causes a hormonal imbalance that slows down the metabolism in the body. The correct dose of vitamin E helps the hormone balance, thereby improving the condition.

+ Protect amniotic fluid and prevent the risk of miscarriage

The fetus in the uterus needs to be protected by the amniotic sac, the addition of the right amount of Vitamin E will help the amniotic sac thicken, avoid rupture of the amniotic sac. Vitamin E also helps prevent the risk of miscarriage for mothers at high risk of miscarriage.

+ Treatment of cystic breast disease

Vitamin E is effective in reducing the fibrosis of the breast in women. During menstruation, benign lumps often appear in the breasts, causing the breasts to become swollen and more painful.

For Men

In men, vitamin E helps increase sperm motility

Vitamin E supports fertility not only for women but also for men with the following benefits:

+ Increases sexual desire in men

One of the most effective solutions to improve reproductive health in men is vitamin E supplementation for the body. Adequate amounts of vitamin E in the male body cause more production of the male hormone testosterone. That stimulates the sex drive in men.

+ Increases sperm count

One of the reasons for male infertility is the low sperm count. The cause of this condition may be injury or infection. Vitamin E is known for its ability to protect cell membranes. Therefore, when the male body is provided with vitamin E, these vitamins will protect the sperm and limit the attack of adverse factors. As a result, the sperm count increases, and conception has a higher success rate.

+ Increase sperm motility

Less flexible sperm makes it harder to reach the egg during conception. There are many cases of men suffering from infertility because of this. Vitamin E will work to remove free radicals that interfere with the sperm’s movement. As a result, sperm mobility helps to move faster and easier, conception thus has a higher success rate.

+ Help the method of in vitro fertilization have a higher success rate

Research shows that men who regularly supplement foods high in vitamin E have a higher success rate than normal people when applying in vitro fertilization.

2. Which Foods Are Rich In Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is found in many foods. Therefore, you can supplement them for your body every day without having to take them in pill form. Here are some vitamin E-rich foods for your reference.

Vitamin E is found in many foods from nuts, vegetables to meats

Foods are rich in vitamin E

If you want to add vitamin E to your daily diet, do not skip the following foods because the vitamin E content of these foods is very high. In which cooking oil and nuts are special sources of vitamin E.

● Wheat germ oil

● Sunflower seeds

● Almonds

● Sesame seed oil

● Mamey Sapote Fruit

● Sunflower oil

● Almond oil

● Hazelnuts

● Abalone

● Pine nuts

● Goose meat

● Peanuts

● Atlantic salmon

● Avocado

● Rainbow salmon

● Sweet chili

● Brazilian Nuts

● Mango

● Turnip greens

● Kiwifruit

Foods of animal origin are rich in vitamin E

● Abalone

● Goose meat

● Atlantic salmon

● Rainbow salmon

● Snails

● Crayfish

● Roe Fish

● Octopus

● Lobster

● Dried cod

Nuts are rich in vitamin E

● Sunflower seeds

● Almond seeds

● Hazelnuts

● Pine nuts

● Peanut seeds

● Brazilian Nuts

● Pistachios

● Pumpkin seeds

● Pecans

● Cashew nuts

Fruits rich in vitamin E

● Mamey Sapote Fruit

● Avocado

● Mango

● Kiwifruit

● The black strawberry

● Black grape

● Dried bilberry

● Pickled olives

● Apricots

● Raspberries

Vegetables are high in vitamin E

● Sweet chili

● Fresh green radish

● Cooked turnip greens

● Squash

● Cooked broccoli

● Cooked green mustard

● Cooked asparagus

● Rainbow cabbage

● Cabbage

● Raw spinach

Edible oils are high in vitamin E

● Wheat germ oil

● Chestnut oil

● Sunflower oil

● Almond oil

● Rose seed oil

● Safflower oil

● Rice bran oil

● Grape seed oil

● Canola oil (canola)

● Palm oil

3. How To Get Vitamin E Correctly?

With the uses that vitamin E brings, the addition of them to the daily diet is extremely important. However, how much vitamin E should I take? How can you get adequate amounts of vitamin E from additional sources? It is something not everyone understands.

How much vitamin E should I take daily?

Scientists recommend that each person should only supplement about 500 – 1000mg of Vitamin E per day for the body. Taking too much vitamin E on a daily basis can have negative health effects.

Some symptoms can occur in the case of too much vitamin E supplement each day such as diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, flu, … Especially pregnant women when supplementing with excess vitamin E can Put babies at a higher risk of heart disease than other babies.

In the event of a severe vitamin E deficiency in your body, you can supplement vitamin E through the form of pills. To ensure the right amount of vitamin E for your body, it is best to consult your doctor for exact advice. Do not arbitrarily take vitamin E oral supplements.

In the event of a severe vitamin E deficiency,
you can take oral supplements as a supplement

How to get the best vitamin E?

If you try to add vitamin E to your body but it is not absorbed, it is also useless. So how to best absorb vitamin E?

To increase the absorption of vitamin E for your body, you can use them with cooking oil or a certain type of fat because some vitamin E is oil-soluble. For example, when you eat a salad with vegetables, you can also add a little vegetable oil to increase the absorption of vitamin E for the body.

In addition, you need to develop a suitable diet such as adding sunflower seeds, almonds, … to the inside of your diet.

To enhance the absorption of vitamin E can use them
with oils or supplement nuts in the diet

Vitamin E supports fertility quite effectively, increases the fertility of both men and women. Therefore, if you are having problems conceiving, it is possible to find out the cause. From there, there is a suitable solution.

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