What Is The Sign Of Left Migraine?

Left-sided migraine is a common condition in all ages today. Pain may be present in long or short periods depending on the severity of the disease. Migraine on the left can be caused by lifestyle habits, eating habits or it can also be a symptom of diseases such as migraine headaches, neurological diseases, etc.

What Is Left Migraine?

Left-sided migraine is pain that occurs on the left side of the head, the pain can appear in long or short cycles depending on the severity of the disease. Migraine pain on the left side not only affects health but also affects the quality of life, work, and study of patients.

What Is The Sign Of Left Migraine?


Migraine headaches can cause left-sided migraines and are more common in women. Common symptoms include throbbing pain on one side of the head, severe pain, vision changes, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light, migraines on the left side and eye sockets, etc.

The cause of migraine is not known, but factors that increase the risk include stress, lack of sleep or too much sleep, use of certain foods such as chocolate, cheese, alcohol, lips noisy school, strong scent,…

Migraine headaches typically last between 4 and 72 hours. Patients need rest to reduce pain.

Migraine pain on the left side due to tension

Tension headaches can also cause headaches on the left side

About 42% of headaches are caused by stress. Tension headaches can also cause left-sided headaches, but less likely.

Symptoms of a tension headache include a squeezing headache, pain that may start behind the eyes and then spread to the back of the head or forehead. Patients often feel more pain at the end of the day, neck and shoulder strain.

Several factors increase the risk such as stress, improper sitting posture, previous neck injury, muscles in the shoulder area, neck strain.

Cluster headache

Cluster headaches can cause patients to experience symptoms such as pain in one temple, pain in one eye, pain on one side of the forehead

Left-sided migraines can also be caused by cluster headaches, which can cause intense muscle pain on one side of the head.

Patients may experience symptoms such as pain in one temple, pain in one eye, pain on one side of the forehead. The pain gradually becomes more intense and usually lasts about 30-60 minutes then can subside for about 3 hours. In addition, patients may also experience drooping eyelids, runny nose, stuffy nose, sweating, blushing, red eyes on one side, watery eyes, etc.

Cluster headaches are often confused with allergic headaches because they are more common in the fall and spring. These pains usually last 4 to 12 weeks and often occur around the same time of day.

To date, the exact cause of cluster headaches has not been determined, but it is believed to be related to the hypothalamus.

Potential health problems

Left-sided migraines can also be a sign of underlying health problems such as trauma, sinusitis, inflammation, etc

Health problems can also lead to left-sided migraines, such as:

  • Health problems related to blood vessels
  • Trauma
  • Inflammation
  • Sinusitis
  • Abuse of pain relievers

Causes of Left Migraine Pain

There are many causes of left-sided migraines such as stress, anemia, insomnia, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, etc
  • Stressful pressure

Pressure from life, work, study, … makes nerves tired and weak, leading to left-sided migraine.

  • Due to anemia

Anemia causes the nervous system to not be supplied with an adequate amount, leading to migraine headaches. People with anemia need to supplement with foods rich in iron and zinc to improve memory as well as provide nutrients necessary for red blood cell production.

  • Fever and flu

High fever and flu cause unstable Serotonin levels in the brain. At the same time, the amount of blood carrying oxygen to the brain is not enough, causing headaches.

  • Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep or insomnia can also cause left-sided migraines. Because at this time the nerves are not rested, become tense, weak, and tired.

  • Use of stimulants

Using stimulants causes the functioning of organs in the body to be disturbed, especially the nervous system.

  • Sleep in the wrong position

Sleeping in the wrong position causes the insufficient blood supply to the brain which can lead to headaches when waking up.

  • Sedentary working environment

Office workers have to sit a lot or work continuously with computers and phones, causing irregular blood circulation.

  • Inadequate nutrition

Not eating enough nutrients causes the body not to be provided with enough nutrients to nourish the body and produce red blood cells. This leads to the insufficient blood supply to the brain, causing headaches.

How to Cure Left Migraine

Treatment of left-sided migraine can be by using drugs as prescribed by the doctor, changing eating habits, daily activities, increasing exercise

Treatment of migraine on the left side of the patient can apply the following methods:

  • Reduce pressure, stress from life and work.
  • Get enough sleep, avoid staying up late, and using many electronic devices make it difficult to sleep. Sleep in the correct position.
  • Limit the use of stimulants that are not good for health.
  • Maintain a scientific and moderate diet, eat lots of green vegetables, fruits, supplement vitamins, and minerals. Avoid eating processed, canned, and fatty foods.
  • Exercise, practice sports with appropriate exercises such as yoga, walking, massage exercises, therapy, …
  • If the left-sided migraine persists, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible for an examination and appropriate treatment. Use prescription medication (if available).

Left-sided migraines can be caused by health problems or primary headaches. If the pain is more and more intense and prolonged, it is necessary to immediately go to quality medical facilities for early examination and treatment.

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