Why is General Health Testing Necessary?

During a general health examination, patients are often subjected to a range of tests, typically blood and urine. What is the purpose of these tests, is it really necessary, and who needs to do them?

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Why General Testing?

General testing is a core part of a general health examination, in addition to a basic examination, and it is recommended you undertake one annually to help actively monitor your health.

Test results from samples such as your blood, urine, and sputum will help your doctor accurately diagnose any condition, find abnormal signs, and recommend an effective treatment plan in good time.

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Specifically, the general test has the 4 following important purposes:

Helps Accurately Identify Disease When Overlapping Symptoms Occur 

Any individual symptom or, indeed, a collection of them can indicate a possible link to many different diseases. For example, poor diet, weight loss, and fatigue could both be signs of tuberculosis but could also suggest liver disease or even cancer.

Therefore, you need to combine testing to pinpoint the exact disease and avoid confusion about the symptoms to ensure you receive the appropriate treatment.

Help Proactively Detect Disease Early Before It’s Late

Some diseases, especially chronic diseases such as cirrhosis, diabetes, and atherosclerosis, can take place silently and with few obvious signs. There are obvious symptoms only when the disease has progressed to a severe stage with possibly life-threatening complications.

For example, when fasting blood sugar is above 126mg/dl, a patient will be diagnosed with diabetes. However, it is not until the fasting blood sugar index is above 180mg/dl that the patient experiences a phenomenon of sugar in the urine – at this time, the patient discovers that he has diabetes and had already been experiencing negative health effects that he was not aware of.

In particular, when blood sugar is too high but undetected, it can lead to coma or even death due to Ketone acidosis.


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Don’t hesitate to book your general physical exam – detect diseases as early as possible to ensure the best outcome for your health.

Conditions That Require Testing

Some diseases are diagnosed based not only on clinical signs but also on test results that identify the disease, such as those for diabetes, blood lipids, or cancer.

Viral hepatitis – a common liver disease in Vietnam that can only be diagnosed and confirmed by testing, also distinguishes if the hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus is present.

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The test indicators will provide your doctor with vital information about the stage of any disease, from which an appropriate treatment regimen can be established.

Monitoring Treatment Effectiveness Of Chronic Illness

Modern medicine favours implementing an “individualized” treatment plan wherever possible. A treatment regimen should be tailored according to each person’s condition.

Therefore, doctors will combine clinical assessment and laboratory indicators to develop an optimal medical treatment plan, consider possible indications for surgery, as well as suggest lifestyle adjustment methods for patients.


For example, in patients with cirrhosis, the test will help classify it as compensated cirrhosis or decompensated cirrhosis and, at the same time, assess the stage of the disease, allowing the doctor to recommend appropriate treatment methods.

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Where to do a General Test?

To perform general testing, you can go to hospitals or medical centers which offer reputable and reliable testing facilities. However, many subjects feel confused because there are so many types of tests on the market, with long waiting times, expensive costs, and inconvenient locations.

You can avoid these frustrations by performing your general testing at Diag, with outstanding advantages such as:

– General testing packages are specifically divided into each age group from 18 to 50, based on the level of necessity and appropriateness to help you achieve the best results.

– Fast turnaround time for results, typically only 03 hours after the laboratory receives the sample.

– Convenient sample collection at more than 30+ branches of Diag, available across various regions, such as Diag Cu Chi, Diag Hoc Mon and Diag Can Tho.


– Test indicators are explained thoroughly and in user-friendly terms in the returned results form, combined with advice from Dr. Diag.

– You can rely on our system of state-of-the-art analytical equipment such as Alinity (Abbott) and Cobas 8000 (Roche) with certified chemicals, a closed and scientific process to bring absolute and fast results.

– International standard certificates of test quality such as ISO 15189, EQAb.

– If you are far away from our centers or busy with work, Diag Laboratories offers you a home collection service. You can take samples at home, track your profile information online and receive results from SMS.

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* The article is written in consultation with Diag’s medical experts. However, the above information is for reference only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Before taking any action based on the information provided, please consult with a medical professional.

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