Is Liver Disease Causes Itchy Skin Danger?

Itchy liver disease if persisted for a long time is a warning sign that the liver is seriously damaged and the patient is at high risk of liver diseases. So can itchy liver papules be treated? How to protect liver function and health? Let's find the answer right in this article!

What Is Liver Pruritus?

When an itchy rash causes the patient to feel uncomfortable or a rash on the skin, it causes an itchy sensation that may appear in patches similar to urticaria. Depending on the severity of the disease and the person's location, it will cause different persistent itchiness.

This condition is common in exposed skin such as limbs, face … and can itch throughout the body in severe cases. Patients often have natural reflexes using broken hands and causing the itchy papules to spread, causing itching and loss of aesthetics on the skin.

So, what is the itchy rash? In itchy liver disease is one of the warning signs of liver toxin function is problems.

Find out information about itchy liver papules

To be clear, the liver is one of the most important organs, taking on many roles at the same time. In particular, the ability to filter and eliminate toxins from the body from food and water is always maintained. But in this case, the body receives too many different toxins, which can overload the liver, gradually causing damage and impaired liver function.

When these toxins remain in the body because they are not completely eliminated by the liver, the clinical manifestation is urticaria, itchy papules.

Usually, the itchy liver rash is a disease that usually occurs in the summer, when the weather is hot, our body has an active sebaceous gland, which produces a lot of sweat … will be ideal conditions. for active skin pathogens, itchy papules may form.

People who have had itchy liver papules are likely to recur many times in the future, impairing their quality of life.

When not treated in time, or inattentive when the itchy rash rashes for a while, it can cause the disease to progress silently for a long time, gradually at risk of chronic liver function impairment. Calculate and potentially cause cirrhosis, hepatitis, and other liver problems.

Causes Of Liver Disease Causes Itchy Skin Rashes

Why is liver function problems causing itchy skin rash that is a common question of many people? The answer to this problem, according to experts, when suffering from liver disease will impair liver function, leading to the filtration and elimination of toxins also affected.

When these toxic substances accumulate too much in the body, over time, it will cause clinical abnormalities that are itchy papules that appear on the skin surface.

At the same time, an unscientific diet and nutrition are also one of the factors that play an important role in accelerating the progress of the disease, typically:

Have a habit of using a variety of fast foods, processed foods that contain many preservatives.

Prolonged use of alcohol and tobacco affects liver function
  • An inappropriate diet, deficiencies in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • The work is too stressful and stressful, affecting morale and health.
  • Abuse of alcohol such as alcohol or tobacco. In particular, drinking alcohol for a long time is the leading cause of liver diseases.

Signs Of Itchy Liver Rashes

The most typical symptom of itchy liver disease is the sudden appearance of a red rash or pimple on the skin.

When observing these red patches often appear with clear limits. At an early stage, they will take the form of tiny red rashes, but later spread and form lumpy patches.

In severe cases, these red patches can spread all over the body, and when touched, they will feel a bit stiff, dense, according to folklore known as urticaria or urticaria depending on the region.

What are the symptoms of itchy papules caused by the liver?

Usually, these red patches appear on the skin and disappear quickly after just a few hours, when the body no longer feels cold.

When there are liver-itchy papules, the patient will have a dull itchy sensation along with hot tingling stretching all over the skin of the body. The severity will increase at a time when the ambient temperature drops rapidly, such as rain or wind.

This is also the feature that patients need to pay attention to distinguish between itchy liver disease and other dermatological conditions that also cause a similar rash.

For people with itchy rashes caused by skin conditions, often the itch symptoms are often distinguished by increased irritation of the skin.

However, though only a few clinical manifestations, we cannot confirm with certainty what the cause of the itchy rash is, but through the diagnosis of a specialist and the accompanying tests in cases needed for the most accurate results.

In addition to itchy skin papules caused by the liver, when liver function problems, patients may experience other manifestations as follows:

  • Loss of appetite, poor appetite, indigestion.
  • Fatigue, irritability, distraction, personality changes.

There is a dull pain sensation sometimes in the right lower rib region and may extend to the right shoulder area.

Other signs of liver function problems
  • Jaundice, yellow eyes, dark urine, or sometimes discolored stools depending on the severity of the disease.
  • Or have root bleeding.
  • Light impact but very easy to appear bruised patches on the skin.

These are symptoms that suggest the cause of the disease, and can also assess the severity of the disease.

When liver pruritus is not detected and treated in time, it can cause severe liver function impairment, causing cirrhosis.

Therefore, as soon as there are signs of suspicion, to confirm and protect the best health, the patient should see a specialist to be diagnosed, determine the cause, and then have a treatment method. most suitable value.

So is itchy papules contagious? According to doctors, itchy papules are not contagious. For itchy liver papules are a warning sign of liver problems, cannot be spread from person to person.

In this case, there are many family members with itchy papules that may be due to the transmission factor that makes the body more susceptible to environmental allergies or other allergenic factors. .. To determine the cause of the rash and have good control methods, it is necessary to diagnose a specialist.

Treatment of Itchy Liver Pruritus

The most commonly used treatment for pruritus is to detoxify the liver, and at the same time support and improve the liver's purification and discharge functions.

Depending on the patient's case, severity and health, the doctor will apply the most appropriate treatment. In addition, the doctor may advise the patient to change a number of routine in order to improve the condition, including:

Changing the right diet: The addition of appropriate food to the daily diet is very important to keep the body healthy and strengthen the resistance, good for liver function.

Patients should add more fiber and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables. To minimize fried foods, fatty foods, or pre-packaged foods that contain many unhealthy preservatives.

Patients should supplement foods that benefit liver function

For itchy liver disease, you can eat more cool vegetables that also support the treatment process such as bitter melon, cheeks, ginseng, mint, lotus leaf, lotus leaf, corn stubble, vegetables. fish lettuce … People with liver disease should eat frugal, easy-to-digest foods.

In addition, it is necessary to add enough water to the body on average about 1.5 – 2 liters of filtered water per day. In addition, you can use more juices, vitamins to add more water, and healthy vitamins.

It is necessary to avoid agents that damage liver function, in which alcohol and tobacco should be minimized.

A reasonable regime of working, working and resting, avoiding pressure and overwork is very important, helping to balance work and life so that the spirit is comfortable to help contribute to improving the condition.

The scientific regimen contributes to the improvement of liver function

The patient should not stay up too late, need to get enough sleep, and maintain the routine of regular exercise and sports with healthy exercises. You can consult your doctor about nutrition and exercise suitable for your condition.

Use the drug according to the doctor's instructions for the correct dose. Avoid arbitrarily taking drugs outside the indications, especially oral remedies of unknown origin. For over-the-counter drugs, carefully read the instructions for use to avoid affecting liver function.

The follow-up appointment is also very important, helping the doctor monitor the condition and make adjustments to suit each stage of the disease. The good treatment of liver diseases will help the liver gradually restore its function and improve the itchy skin rash.

Thus, the itchy liver disease not only makes the patient feel itchy, uncomfortable, and unsightly, but it is also a warning about the serious deterioration of liver function. Therefore, to completely treat this condition, the patient needs to see a doctor to be diagnosed, find the cause and treat the right way, to help quickly restore liver function.

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