What Is The Meaning Of Kidney Function For The Body?

Evaluation of kidney function through tests is important to help detect diseases at an early stage. It is very important to understand what the kidneys do and what abnormal kidneys are causing to stay healthy.

Learn The Role Of Kidneys

Kidneys are shaped like a bean, light brown in the abdomen. On average, each kidney weighs 170g, is 3-4 cm thick, with a length of 10 – 12cm, and a width of about 5 cm.

The kidneys include the left and right kidneys, located symmetrically across the spine, posterior peritoneum. The anterior surface of the kidney is usually smooth and shiny, but the back is rough, with a convex edge and a concave edge.

The kidneys are located in the abdomen in the retroperitoneal position

What is the function of the kidneys? About the function of the kidneys is a major secretory organ in the urinary system. The kidneys are responsible for filtering blood and other waste products in the body through secretions.

When there is too much excess water in the blood, the kidneys will work on the mechanism to collect this excess water to fill the bladder and push it out of the body by excreting urine.

On the contrary, when there is too little water in the blood, the kidneys will have to calculate to have enough water in the blood and water in the urine so that it is most reasonable to stabilize the proportion of water in the body.

Understand the important functions of the kidneys for the body

This is also the reason that explains the phenomenon when we drink a lot of water, the urine is light yellow or clear, but when we do not add enough water, the urine is dark yellow and less.

An additional function of the kidney that is less known is to activate vitamin D, for the purpose of releasing renin, a hormone that helps the body increase blood pressure in the case of need.

When the kidneys are damaged or have problems causing impaired function, the toxic ingredients that have not been screened will rise in the blood. In the long run, if the amount of this substance accumulates too high, it can cause problems that seriously affect our health.

Functional Meaning Of Kidneys

Thus, through understanding the structure and functions of the kidneys, we can also understand that the kidneys play an important role in life, and are mainly responsible for the elimination of toxic substances.

A healthy, efficient kidney will help toxins to be eliminated from the body quickly and steadily.

When kidney function is impaired, many health effects are caused

But when the kidneys are affected, toxic substances accumulate, affecting organs such as the urinary system, bladder, prostate, and external changes such as hair loss, jaundice, and water retention, causing swelling. diseases such as kidney failure, nephritis, nephrotic …

It is very important to keep the kidneys healthy to ensure proper kidney function.

Besides, it is necessary to regularly examine periodically and do tests when there are abnormal kidney problems to quickly treat related diseases to avoid serious complications.

How To Know Impaired Kidney Function

Observe body changes to promptly diagnose impaired renal function

To recognize kidney function problems, we can rely on prominent signs of the body as follows:

Difficulty sleeping

When the toxin is not eliminated from the body and exists in high amounts in the blood due to impaired kidney function, it will lead to difficulty falling asleep, and shorter sleep duration.

People with chronic kidney failure also experience sleep apnea from a few seconds to 1 minute, then return to normal breathing with a loud snort.

Tired body

When the kidneys are weakened, the conversion of vitamins to support healthy bones is followed, along with the amount of hormone Erythropoietin (EPO) that plays a role in the production of red blood cells also decreases, causing abnormalities. usually of the body.

Signs of impaired kidney function

One of the most prominent signs is fatigue, weakness, and frequent headaches due to lack of oxygen supply to the vital activities of the organs.

Dry skin

The accumulation of toxic substances in the body for too long leads to an imbalance of nutrients causing bone and kidney diseases.

One of the most prominent manifestations of problematic kidneys is a persistent itchy sensation, a dry mouth. At this time, it is necessary to replenish water for the body, but if the condition persists, do not voluntarily use allergy medicine but need to go to the hospital to check the kidney function and related tests to detect the disease.

There is a bad smell

There are too many harmful substances in the blood, which will lead to the patient feeling anorexia, loss of appetite, leading to a serious deficiency of essential nutrients in the body, causing rapid weight loss.

The accumulation of toxic substances in the body
for too long will cause kidney problems

At the same time toxins in the blood also cause bad breath and change the taste of food. This is also a typical sign that your kidneys are having a problem.

Other signs

Besides, some symptoms can be signs of kidney problems such as feeling short of breath, high blood pressure, back pain, urine has an unusual change in color and taste …

Kidney Function Test

To evaluate the most accurate kidney function, when in doubt, the patient should go to the hospital to see a specialist doctor for a diagnosis, through kidney function tests such as:

• Urine test

• Blood tests

• Urea blood test

• Serum Creatinine Test

• Electrolytes

• Test for an acid-base balance disorder

Kidney function tests help detect and diagnose kidney disease

Depending on the patient's case, doctors will order different tests, but generally through the results of kidney function indicators to assess the severity and type of disease.

In addition, diagnostic radiographs combined with other types of diagnostics such as ultrasound also contribute to high diagnostic value, to accurately determine the health condition that the patient is experiencing.

The role of kidney function in each person's body is extremely important, contributing to maintaining a stable life and combating the accumulation of harmful substances that cause various effects on health.

Recognizing the signs of kidney problems and through kidney function tests is essential for the plan to protect health against the risks posed by kidney disease.

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