What Is The HBeAg Test? What Is The Meaning of HBeAg Test?

What is a positive HBeAg test? What is the price of an HBeAg test, what does a positive HBeAg index mean? The following article will help you answer all of these questions.

What Is The HBeAg Test?

The HBeAg test is actually a type of liver function test that helps to accurately determine the degree of hepatitis B infection in the patient. Therefore, they play a very important role in the diagnosis of liver disease.

HBeAg is actually the abbreviation for the Hepatitis B envelope Antigen. This is the e-antigen of the virus. Through that can determine how the hepatitis B virus works? How is it able to spread disease so that there will be directions for timely treatment and prevention?


When the test shows the appearance of HBeAg, that means the hepatitis B virus is active in the body and it is capable of spreading the disease very quickly. That is when an HBeAg result is positive. When it comes to a positive conclusion, the hepatitis B virus is causing great health concerns. Because of that, the virus tends to grow and function strongly in the body.

If a negative HBeAg result, there are two possibilities. The first case of negative HBeAg is when the hepatitis B virus is inactive in the body. In the second case, the virus is active but showing signs of a genetic mutation encoding, and to get the correct conclusion, the patient needs to do some other tests such as HBV genotyping and HBV-DNA. These are two tests that will help confirm the virus has a mutation or not?

In addition, if the HBeAg antigen tends to change from positive to negative and the appearance of Anti Hbe, also known as HbeAb, then the body's serum has shown signs of transformation.


What Is Positive HBeAg?

Based on the test results, the doctor will evaluate the patient's health. From there, making appropriate treatment regimens based on the situation of the disease.

When taking the HBeAg test, there are two cases that occur. These are positive HBeAg and negative HBeAg. In the case of a positive HBeAg index followed by an elevated liver enzymes index and the liver begins to show signs and symptoms of inflammation, the patient is confirmed to have had hepatitis B virus and this condition becomes worse because the virus is active and has a high risk of infection.

Therefore, when determining a positive HBeAg index, the patient needs to apply appropriate treatment measures. Thereby helping the hepatitis B virus from active to sleep and helping the liver gradually return to normal functioning.

Especially after determining positive HBeAg test results, patients will proactively treat them to prevent the risk of complications and prevent the possibility of spreading the disease to others.


HBeAg positive is divided into 2 specific cases:

  • Liver functions are normal despite a positive HBeAg test result. If this is the case then the ability to stop viruses from working and put them back to sleep becomes simpler and more effective.
  • In the case of positive HBeAg, liver function is affected, prompt treatment is required. Based on the test results, the doctor will tend to treat with the appropriate antibiotic. If after a period of treatment, but the test indicators return to normal levels and signs of decrease, the patient can safely use that treatment regimen.

Also, it is important to know that if a woman is pregnant in the last trimester of pregnancy, if the HBeAg test is positive, the chance of her fetus being infected with hepatitis B is very high. Therefore, pregnant women need to have periodic health examinations to be able to prevent hepatitis B and take timely intervention if unfortunately get sick.

What Is A Negative HBeAg Test Result?

A negative HBeAg indicates that the hepatitis B virus is in a restful state. This virus is temporarily inactive and does not affect liver function, so the patient does not have to take medicines to treat hepatitis B. However, to be able to rule out the possibility of the virus working, you need to get regular check-ups every 3 months to be proactive in preventing hepatitis B and have more appropriate treatment directions when infected.

In cases where patients are diagnosed with hepatitis B and have 1-2 times higher than normal levels of AST-ALT, other tests such as HBV-DNA and liver enzyme tests.

Usually, check every 3 months. Especially for patients with hepatitis B aged 40 years or older, it is even more important to pay attention to regular health examinations.

In addition to the tests listed above, a liver biopsy is needed. To through that can accurately assess the liver signs of necrosis or not? In the case of liver necrosis or cirrhosis, it is necessary to handle and treat promptly. Because at this time the patient's health condition is showing signs of serious change and can be dangerous to life.

Although the HBeAg result is negative, many other factors are considered to assess whether further treatment is necessary. In which, if the amount of HBeAg is negative but the load of HBV-DNA is within 10 ^ 4 copies/ml and the amount of HbsAg is positive, the patient must continue treatment according to the treatment regimen given by the doctor.

In addition, after finishing the course of treatment, patients need to pay attention to maintain a healthy eating and resting regime. To ensure the body is rested and provided with all the necessary nutrients. Thereby, it helps to improve the body's resistance and effectively prevent the virus's reactivation process.

Before all HBeAg test results and liver enzymes return to normal, patients need to be treated as directed by their doctor.

What Should Be Considered For The HBeAg Test?

Before testing for HBeAg, patients need to pay attention to the following factors. Because these factors directly affect the patient's test results.

  • Absolutely do not use stimulants such as alcohol when preparing for the test.
  • Before taking the HBeAg test, you should not take any medicine for 1 week.
  • When having HBeAg test results, you need to pay attention to maintain a scientific diet and rest. Diet high in green vegetables. Minimize drinking alcohol.
  • Regularly go to regular health checks and follow the instructions and treatment regimen given by the doctor.



When Should I Get Tested For HBeAg Test?

The HBeAg test is often indicated in some specific cases such as: 

  • HBeAg is normally indicated in patients with hepatitis B. This test helps to know how likely the patient is to infect a normal person. If HBeAg is negative, there is little chance of transmission. Conversely, if HBeAg is positive, the possibility of infection is very high. In the case of a positive HBeAg test, doctors may order some additional tests for ALT, AST liver enzymes to suggest appropriate treatment.
  • HBeAg is also indicated to monitor patients after hepatitis B treatment. A high or low HBeAg index corresponds to the concentration of the virus in the body. If the HBeAg index decreases gradually after treatment, it shows that the treatment is effective.

In the case of disease, it is necessary to proactively prevent and treat the disease caused by the hepatitis B virus in order to limit the spread in the community. In addition, it is necessary to create a living habit and a scientific diet for the disease to be improved quickly. For those who have not, vaccination against hepatitis B is considered the most effective method of prevention today.

Above is information about the HBeAg assay. Hope the above sharing will help you better understand this test in liver disease diagnosis and hepatobiliary screening. Performing this test, you should choose reputable medical facilities for counseling and testing with high accuracy results at reasonable prices.

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