Can You Treat Fatty Liver With Cilantro?

When suffering from fatty liver disease, many patients feel confused and worried about their health. Therefore, in addition to following their treatment plan, people often look for different methods to aid and quicken their recovery.

A popular choice for an alternative remedy is to treat fatty liver with cilantro. So, does this method really work or not, and if does, how should we use cilantro as an effective part of our treatment plan?

What Is Cilantro?

Cilantro is a popular vegetable in Vietnam, often present in family meals and used as a seasoning in soups.

Cilantro is also known by other names such as braised cilantro, deaf cilantro, and in some places, dragon ball.

Patients with fatty liver disease or at high risk of fatty liver often consume cilantro as part of a daily drink with the aim of improving liver function and maintaining their overall health, often with very positive results.

Cilantro has a detoxifying heat-releasing effect
that can be used to improve liver function.

Cilantro has the scientific name Limmophila Chinensis. The average tree is about 20 – 25cm, and grows in wetlands and swamps. Cilantro belongs to the herbaceous family, and has a tall, soft and spongy cylindrical body, with a hairy outer shell.

According to traditional medicine, cilantro is cool, spicy, slightly acrid, and has a strong fragrance, it also has a heating and detoxifying effect.

It is also very effective in relieving pain and inflammation, which makes it a popular choice for treating fatty liver disease.

Cilantro is also used for other remedies in traditional medicine, such as disinfecting the intestines, or in combination with other drugs to treat kidney stones and colic, also to support cancer treatment and prevent aging.

According to modern medical research, cilantro has 92% water content, the rest is Vitamin B, C, carotene, limonene, and other active ingredients.

The most prominent of these are coumarin and flavonoid. These are two active ingredients that have very effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, the results show that eating cilantro can be very beneficial for patients who are trying to treat fatty liver.

Homemade Remedies for Fatty Liver Using Cilantro

How to treat fatty liver at home. Remedies from cilantro are easy to make, including the following two methods:

The first remedy: Fresh cilantro and mint

It is necessary to prepare the following materials:

• Dried cilantro: 100gr

• Fresh mint: 100gr

Treating fatty liver with cilantro and fresh mint


• After the cilantro is dried, put it in a hot pan along with some yellow stars  (roast until fragrant, then spread the s vegetables onto the ground with a clean towel and pour the star vegetables evenly) 

• After that, continue using stained cilantro and peppermint with 100ml of filtered water and boil for about 10 minutes.

You should drink this water continuously for 5 days, the best time to drink is in the early morning when you have not eaten breakfast. Then at intervals, that is, stop the drug for 5 days and then continue to take it again, and so on until the disease improves.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the time to use cilantro juice to treat fatty liver is up to 1 month and abstain from using other mint-flavored remedies at the same time while drinking cilantro juice.

The second remedy: Cilantro and dried mint

For this remedy you need to prepare the following ingredients:

• Dried cilantro: 100gr

• Dried mint: 50gr

How to do: Dried cilantro and peppermint, you bring gold stars and then take down earth once. Then, continue to sharpen with 100ml of filtered water and boil for 10 minutes.

You need to take remedies to treat fatty liver with cilantro in this way continuously for 1 month. The best time to drink it every day after dinner is over.

It is necessary to persistently drink water from cilantro remedies
in continuous time to have a good effect

You should also note that while using the drug it is necessary to abstain from seafood, animal organs, and fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines. Besides, should supplement the fruits like pomegranate, sapodilla, ripe persimmon, soursop.

What to Watch Out For When Treating Fatty Liver With Cilantro?

The persistent treatment of fatty liver with cilantro will help the symptoms of the disease to be relieved thanks to the effect of liver detoxification and cholesterol reduction. From there, it helps restore and strengthen liver function.

However, because cilantro lives in the swamp, the stem will be covered with mud and impurities, so when using it, you must pay attention to wash it thoroughly to avoid the risk of infection or poisoning.

Treating fatty liver with cilantro
should also note some important issues

Cilantro only works to support treatment thanks to enhancing liver function, but can not completely treat fatty liver disease. Therefore, you should not overuse the use of cilantro which will lead to many side effects.

Pregnant women with fatty liver should not apply this method because it can lead to the dilatation of the visceral muscles, which is dangerous for both the mother and the development of the baby in the abdomen.

What Medications Are Effective For Fatty Liver Treatment?

Fatty liver is a condition where the amount of excess fat accumulated in the liver is 5% higher, causing impaired liver function and damage to the liver.

The general question of many people is that fatty liver can be treated?

Actually, there is currently no specific drug to completely treat fatty liver, but the treatment of fatty liver mainly depends on the cause of the disease to take measures to control and prevent dangerous complications.

Some of the most common causes of fatty liver are bad habits formed such as drinking alcohol, eating a lot of harmful foods, leading to overweight, obesity, diabetes or dyslipidemia. …

The most common cause of fatty liver is obesity

What medications does the fatty liver take? Thus, depending on the specific case, doctors will have their own regimen suitable for each stage of the disease and combine the treatment of fatty liver with drugs consisting mainly of amino acids, lecithin, choline … Help against fatty liver degeneration.

But overall, the best way to improve the condition is to control yourself in your diet, living in a scientific and healthy way. Along with that, it is necessary to increase sports training to increase health and prevent pathogens.

Currently, the optimal way to treat fatty liver is to combine modern medicine to treat fatty liver with medicine with traditional medicine through herbal remedies.

However, patients should not arbitrarily take drugs uncontrollably, but need to go to the hospital to be diagnosed, consulted, and treated in the most appropriate way.

Is There A Way To Find Fatty Liver Early?

Fatty liver affects a lot of health and quality of life. The treatment of fatty liver requires patients to persevere for a long time to be effective. Therefore, we need to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent pathogens.

If there are unusual symptoms of the body, the hospital should be diagnosed immediately.

Besides, to detect and treat fatty liver early you can register to perform a liver screening package if in doubt, or even when symptoms have not appeared.

Hepatobiliary screening should be done periodically or as soon as there are signs of illness that will help you:

• Conduct liver enzyme tests to assess overall liver function.

• Evaluate whether the secret function is working effectively or not.

• Screening for liver cancer at an early stage makes treatment effective.

• The tests will help screen for hepatitis B, C.

• Through ultrasound images to evaluate the hepatobiliary state.

• In-depth analysis of parameters related to liver function will evaluate the overall liver, detect the risks of liver damage, and early screening for hepatobiliary cancer.

If you are interested in liver screening to assess liver function, need advice and registration, you can call Diag’s hotline 19001717 – Medical Laboratory and Diagnostic Center, one of the prestigious centers. and quality of service to be answered and consulted in the best way.

Liver screening helps to detect fatty liver disease early

Thus, treating fatty liver with cilantro at home is a simple, low-cost method that helps to improve liver function effectively. However, you should be aware that cilantro does not have the ability to specifically treat fatty liver.

When there are abnormal signs of the body related to liver function or diagnosed with fatty liver, you need to go to the hospital to consult a specialist for accurate support and treatment from That brings the most positive effect besides using cilantro to treat diseases.

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