What Chemicals Diag Laboratories Uses For COVID-19 Testing?

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1. Does Diag Guaranteed High Quality Laboratory Chemical Origin?

Customers who are wondering where to get a PCR test, here is a list of units authorized by the Ministry of Health to perform confirmed COVID-19 testing (updated until December 30, 2021).

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We are very careful in each stage of COVID-19 testing, all of the products Diag Laboratories uses come from long-standing and famous brands in the international medical industry. Specifically, Diag Laboratories has imported a large capacity testing machine system with high throughput robotics. This series of machines features state-of-the-art and fully automatic features to ensure 100% accurate results.

The inside of the laboratory Diag Laboratories

Besides, the chemical source is also measured by us to every detail and currently the chemicals we use are the best value in the US and approved by the Vietnamese government. This helps the Covid-19 test efficiency reach the absolute level. The chemicals we are using to run the real-time RT-PCR molecular biology test samples are all made in the USA, namely Mastermix and Extraction of internationally famous brands Thermo Fisher Scientific and Abbott Molecular Inc.


2. What’s so special about Taqpath™ COVID-19 CE-IVD Applied Biological Systems RT-PCR Kit?

Careful in the quality of each type of international standard chemicals and constantly upgrading the laboratory are always our top criteria. Diag Laboratories is committed to no errors in test results thanks to a fully automatic international standard machine system capable of eliminating the smallest errors.



The New Applied Biosystems COVID-19 Interpretive Software helps your lab decrease analysis and interpretation time, and eliminate subjective interpretation.

  • Automatically interpret the data results from the TaqPath COVID-19 CE-IVD RT-PCR genetic analysis.
  • Following Real-Time PCR run, the COVID-19 Interpretive Software performs a QC check against all controls on the plate and alert user.
  • Software generates interpretative report for each specimen.
  • COVID-19 Interpretive Software helps reduce time to diagnosis, along with risk of user error in translation or interpretation.

3. The Close Link Between Chemicals and COVID-19 Testing Equipment?

A fully automatic machine system will reduce the most significant risks under possible conditions. Automatic means that the entire testing process is intelligently integrated and chained, without human intervention to achieve absolute standards.

System of testing machines using British technology and US chemicals

In addition, it is very important to use which chemicals to analyze patient samples to give high probability results. Diag Laboratories has selected chemicals that meet international standards so that the whole process leads to the most optimal test results.

The combination of how good the reagent is and how advanced the technology of the laboratory equipment is the key factor in test results and speed.

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