What Are The Benefits Of Canner Screening?

According to statistics, Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest rate of cancer in the world. Therefore, we should not be subjective, it is necessary to protect health with cancer screening at an early stage to prevent serious symptoms and potentially life-threatening health conditions.

It can help spot cancers at an early stage, when treatment is more likely to be successful.

What Is Cancer Screening?


Cancer screening is often used for healthy people when there is no sign of cancer, it can help spot cancers at an early stage, is a method to identify cancer when it has not yet developed into a disease.

Cancer screening is a test that looks for early signs of cancer in people without symptoms. It can detect abnormal changes before they can turn into cancer and warn malignant early-stage. Treating these early changes can prevent cancer from developing in the first place, it means that treatment is more likely to work and more people survive.

What Is The Main Purpose of Cancer Screening?


Currently, the rate of cancer in Vietnam has been rising rapidly and the infected age group is going to gradually rejuvenate. Most there are signs of cancer, people just perform the test, at the moment cancer is late-stage, causing difficulties for treatment, high cost, and low recovery.

Cancer screening is a method to detect cancer tissue for early signs when no symptoms at all. Screening cancer is a simple test with low-cost and high efficiency that could shorten the duration of treatment.

So, cancer screening is good to have preventive measures earlier than following them during the treatment process. In fact, “Prevention is better than cure” is a simple method to reduce the risk of disease, or to detect it early enough to treat it most effectively.


Who Should Be Screened for Cancer?

Can cancer be detected early? When should you start cancer screening? Surely this is the most popular question people often ask. Most people feel anxious or worried and just visit the hospital to check your health if they have found out abnormal symptoms.


Cancer is a dangerous disease and no warning before the onset of signs and symptoms, but when health effects occur, the disease is already in a difficult stage to treat.

We can be screened for cancer as a routine check-up, it is too late to perform the test when you have symptoms. Cancer screening should be performed once a year as soon as possible. After receiving the test results, you should tell your doctor about the next test time.



Nên tầm soát ung thư định kỳ mỗi năm 1 lần

Screening gives you the best chance of finding cancer as early as possible, through measures for assessing a test index, a doctor will consult about a patient’s health condition to have a treatment regimen and set a reasonable standard diet and your daily activity for prevention.

Where to Get A Cancer Screening Test?


Where is the best cancer treatment hospital? In order to be screened for cancer with the most accurate results, you should consider reputable and quality hospitals, choose the hospital that’s best for you. Some reputable hospital for your referral include:

Ho Chi Minh City

Medical and Pharmaceutical University Hospital Clinic 1

Address: 20-22 Duong Quang Trung street, ward 12, district 10, Ho Chi Minh city.

Cho Ray Hospital

Address: 201 Nguyen Chi Thanh street, ward 12, district 5, Ho Chi Minh city.

Ha Noi

K hospital

Address: K1 hospital, 43 Quan Su street, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi

Bach Mai hospital

Address: 78 Giai Phong street, Dong Da district, Ha Noi

If you are wondering which hospital to choose and are afraid that you often spend a lot of time waiting for numbers, exams and get test results with complicated procedures, Diag is a good place to visit near you.

Diag is one of the leading reputable testing centers having a lot of experience, attentive service, and reasonable prices. Diag offers most cancer screening and other health tests and returns test results quickly.

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Screening and tests for early and periodical cancer detection are called: “Golden Key” to prevent cancer effectively. The goal is early detection and lifestyle changes or surveillance, to reduce the risk of disease, or to detect it early enough to treat it most effectively, improve your quality of life.

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