Women’s Fertility Test Package 

Women’s Fertility Test Package is a test package to support the diagnosis of diseases related to reproductive hormones. Besides, it helps to assess the possibility of puberty and conception in women. 

  • Price: VND 1,899,000 
  • Recommend frequency: Before marriage and 3-6 months before having children, or whenever there is an abnormality in reproductive health. 
  • Sample Type: Blood. 
  • Age: Women of all ages who want to check their reproductive physiology. Couples who are infertile or intend to have children. 
  • Test Result: 2.5 hours from the time the laboratory receives the sample. 

1. Test Package Overview 

Test package to evaluate female reproductive health to diagnose diseases related to reproductive dysfunction, assess fertility. Besides, it also helps to detect and treat diseases related to reproductive hormones effectively. 

2. Test Subjects 

The test package to assess female reproductive health is suitable for women of all ages who need to check reproductive physiological status, couples planning to have children, and infertility. Or women with signs such as: 

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge 
  • Menstrual disorder or amenorrhea 
  • Producing breast milk when not pregnant 

3. What’s Included in Women’s Fertility Test Package ? 

The test package to assess female reproductive health at Diag Laboratories includes: 

  • Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH) 
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH) 
  • Estradiol 
  • Prolactin 
  • Beta hCG 
  • Progesterone 
  • Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) 
  • Sex Hormone-binding Globulin (SHBG) 

4. What Does the Test Indicators Mean? 

The test indicators to assess reproductive health in women mean: 

  • Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH): Evaluated the function of ovaries. 
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH): LH Evaluated the function of ovaries. 
  • Estradiol: Support in diagnosed the pathology that related to sex hormones of female.  
  • Prolactin: The test is used in combination to assess the status of sex hormones for female.  
  • SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin): Test is used in combination to evaluate the deficiency or excess of testosterone levels in women (low levels and high levels in women)  
  • Beta hcG: Determine conception status or aid in the diagnosis of fetal chromosomal abnormalities  
  • Progesterone: ssess fertility and detect irregularities in the menstrual cycle  
  • Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH): Assess the number of follicles and function of the ovary.  

5. Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Fertility Test Package 

● Who should perform a female reproductive health assessment test? 

Suitable for women who need to check reproductive physiological status. Or couples planning to have children, infertile. Also assess the status of early/delayed puberty in girls. 

● How long does it take to receive test results? 

Approximately 2.5 hours from the time the laboratory receives the sample. 

● What should the patient pay attention to before performing the test?

Patients need to stop taking medications that can affect hormone levels in the blood. 

6. Why You should Choose Test Packages At Diag Laboratories? 

● Diag Laboratories owns state-of-the-art analytical equipment system, modern methods: Alinity (Abbott), Cobas 8000 (Roche). Helps ensure the fastest testing process, the most accurate results. 

● With 25 testing and sampling facilities in major provinces and cities across the country, ensuring the provision of top quality services. 

● Diverse test list, supporting the diagnosis of many different diseases 

● Diag Laboratories has the certificate of test quality: ISO 15189, EQA. 

● Provide home testing service, save travel time. In addition, customers can also view the results online through the link to notify via text message. 

When women appear abnormal signs related to reproductive health, please call hotline 19001717 for advice and perform this test as soon as possible.