Vitamins Test package 

Vitamin test package (Micronutrients) aims to assess the general and accurate nutritional status of the body, detect deficiencies in vitamins and trace minerals. From there, it is possible to supplement vitamins and minerals in time. 

  • Price:  VND 949,000  
  • Recommended frequency: It should be done when the child shows signs of deficiency: slow weight gain, poor height growth, prolonged illness, a lot of hair loss, crying at night, pale skin, so on. 
  • Sample Type: Blood. 
  • Sex: Men, women 
  • Age: 

+ Children are malnourished, retarded in physical and mental development  

+ Elderly people with physical weakness, osteoporosis 

Test Result: 3 hours since the laboratory received the sample. 

1. Test Package Overview 

The deficiency of vitamins and minerals slows the body’s development both physically and mentally. Therefore, performing a Vitamin (Micronutrient) test will help to assess the overall nutritional status of the body. From there, detect the deficiency of vitamins and trace minerals so that you can supplement in time. Limiting adverse effects on health as well as the comprehensive development of the body. 

2. Test Subjects 

The Vitamin (micronutrient) test package is suitable for children with malnutrition, physical or mental retardation. Adults with physical weakness, osteoporosis. Or have specific symptoms such as: 

● Weight and height increase slowly, underdeveloped 

● Children often get sick, have diarrhea, and persistent rhinitis 

● Pale, fussy 

● There are skeletal deformities 

3. What Does the Vitamin (Micronutrients) Test Package Include? 

The Vitamin (Micronutrients) test package at Diag Laboratories includes: 

● Iron (Fe) 


● Vitamin B9 (Folates) 

● Vitamin B12 

● Total Protein 

● Vitamin D (total) 

● Ionized Calcium (Calcium ++) 

● Magnesium 

● Phosphorus 

● Zinc (Zn) 

● Na, K, Cl 

4. What Does The Vitamin Test Index Mean? 

Vitamin (micronutrient) test indicators mean: 

● Iron (Fe): Measured the amount of iron that attached to transferrin in blood to evaluate anemia or excess iron. 

● Ferritine: Measured the amount of ferritin in blood. This test can be used together with other tests to help evaluate the body’s iron stores 

● Vitamin B9 (Folates): Evaluated the level of folates (Vitamin B9) in blood 

● Vitamin B12: Evaluated the level of Vitamin B12 in blood. 

● Total Protein: Quantitative total Protein in blood to help assess the body’s nutrition.  

● Vitamin D (total): Quantitative total Vitamin D to assess body stores of it and support to diagnose the osteoporosis in the elderly or rickets in children. 

● Ionised Calcium (Calcium ++): Assess the function of parathyroid gland and the calcium mebotalism process in blood. 

● Magnesium: Assess the level of Magnesium in blood. 

● Phosphorus: Assess the level of phosphorus in blood. 

● Zinc (Zn): Assess the level of zinc in blood. 

● Electrolytes panel (Na + K + Cl): Assess the level of electrolytes in blood. 

5. Frequently Asked Questions About Vitamin Testing 

● Who is the Vitamin test package suitable for? 
For children with malnutrition, growth retardation or adults with weakness, osteoporosis. 

● How long does it take to receive test results?
It will take approximately 3 hours from the time the laboratory receives the sample. 

● What should the patient pay attention to before performing the test? 
Patients need to fast for 6-8 hours before the test. 

6. Why You should Choose Test Packages At Diag Laboratories? 

Diag Laboratories is a prestigious testing center chosen by many people today because: 

● Provide a system of state-of-the-art analytical equipment: Alinity (Abbott), Cobas 8000 (Roche), ensuring the fastest and most accurate test results. 

● The laboratory has certifications and certificates of test quality such as: ISO 15189, EQAb. 

● Possessing a diverse list of tests, supporting the diagnosis of many different diseases. 

● There is a home sampling service, see the results online via the link notified via text message. Help save time for busy customers. 

The deficiency of vitamins and trace minerals can directly affect the overall development of the body. Therefore, the Vitamin test is extremely important, helping you to add the necessary nutrients. Immediately call Diag Laboratories via hotline 19001717 for health advice and testing when there are abnormal signs.