TORCH panel helps detect infections during pregnancy, allowing prompt treatment and limiting the risk of transmission to the baby.

– Sample Type: Blood

– Age: Women at any stage of pregnancy | Encourage implementation as early as possible

– Results: 24 hours from when the laboratory receives the sample

– Note: Fasting is not necessary before providing samples for testing



Overview of TORCH Panel

Infectious diseases can pass from mother to baby during pregnancy. TORCH refers to 5 easily transmissible diseases, including:

– T (Toxoplasma gondii): A parasitic infection in dogs and cats that causes fetal infection and can lead to premature birth, intrauterine growth retardation, jaundice, pneumonia, and rashes. Screening can detect the disease early, before the later stages of pregnancy, reducing the possibility of the disease being transmitted to the baby.

– O (Other diseases): Includes common diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis B, and HIV – transmissible through secretions and blood.

Children infected with syphilis from their mothers (from the 4th and 5th month of pregnancy) are born with slow weight gain, stuffy noses, and poor memory function. Meanwhile, mothers infected with hepatitis B during pregnancy will pass it to the baby (during the last 3 months of pregnancy), causing the baby to have congenital hepatitis B, raising the risk of cirrhosis or liver cancer when the child is an adult. HIV-infected mothers can also easily transmit the infection to their babies (mostly in the middle of pregnancy), leading to weight loss, growth retardation, and respiratory and neurological diseases.

– R (Rubella): If the mother has rubella – transmission through secretions will lead to congenital rubella infection, causing defects in the eyes, heart, and brain, with a risk of miscarriage or stillbirth. The rubella virus can be transmitted from mother to baby at any stage of pregnancy.

– C (Cytomegalovirus): Up to 50% of pregnant women are infected or re-infected during pregnancy through blood or body fluids. A mother infected with this virus will pass it to her baby, with a high risk of the child having a small head or vision and hearing loss.

– H (Herpes simplex virus types 1 & 2): Herpes viruses cause infections, including HSV-1 – transmitted by general contact and HSV-2 – sexually transmitted. Pregnant mothers infected with the virus will infect the baby, leading to congenital herpes, causing potential brain damage or respiratory disorders.

TORCH Panel provides 9 tests for common infectious diseases in pregnant women, helping mothers detect and screen for diseases at the earliest possible stage, limiting the risk of complications for both mother and baby.

2. What Tests Do You Take in the TORCH Panel?

This panel deploys 9 types of tests to help find TORCH diseases, including:

– Toxoplasma gondii IgG + IgM test: Helps detect the presence of the toxoplasma gondii virus in the body during pregnancy.

– HbsAg test | AntiHBs: Detects the presence of the hepatitis B virus.

– HIV combo test (Ag + Ab): Finds HIV if present in the body during pregnancy.

– Syphilis test: Helps to detect the risk of syphilis.

– HSV-1 IgG + IgM test | HSV-2 IgG + IgM: Helps find the herpes virus.

– Rubella IgG + IgM test: Identifies the presence of the rubella virus.

– CMV IgG + IgM test: Helps find signs of the cytomegalovirus.

3. Why Test At Diag Laboratories?

Come to Diag Laboratories – Testing Center, present for more than 20 years in Vietnam, where you will experience a smooth testing process with outstanding facilities such as:

– State-of-the-art analytical equipment systems such as Alinity (Abbott) and Cobas 8000 (Roche) with certified chemicals to bring fast, absolute results.

– Certificates of test quality such as ISO 15189 and EQAb.

– A wide variety of tests to meet the needs of patients. In addition, Diag uses modern vacuum blood collection techniques that reduce pain and the risk of rupturing veins or red blood cells.

– If you are far from our centers or busy with work, we offer a home sampling service. Your sample will be taken at home, and then you can track your information online before receiving your results via SMS.

TORCH Panel provides the necessary first-trimester tests, helping monitor you and your baby’s health. Do not hesitate to call the hotline on 1900 1717 to receive advice from Diag staff and make an appointment as soon as possible.


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