The Seafood Allergy Panel (Advanced)

Allergy generally and seafood allergy specifically is the body’s response to “unknown objects” that attack it.  Responses can range from mild to severe, or even life-threatening. In order to detect seafood allergy, Diag Laboratories provides The SeaFood Allergy Panel (Advanced) to you  to help mitigate your allergic condition and plan a sensible diet. 

– Frequency: When exhibiting allergy symptoms or as prescribed by a doctor

Gender: Male, Female

– Age: Of various ages

– Result: Within 2.5 hours, after the laboratory receives the sampling


1. Overview Of The Seafood Allergy Panel (Advanced)


Seafood allergy is the refusal of the immune system to some factors in seafood that release a huge amount of chemical to blood and create some responses, such as swollen face, skin rashes, itchy throat,… Therefore, taking The Seafood Allergy Panel (Advanced) helps you to determine the allergy triggers, while identifying the cause to help the doctor select a timely regime

2. Who Is Ideal For The Seafood Allergy Panel (Advanced)?

The Seafood Allergy Panel at Diag Laboratories is ideal for everyone of various ages whose allergy symptoms range from mild to severe depending on their health conditions such as:

– Respiratory allergies (sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, irritation, swollen eyes)

– Skin rashes

–  Itchy throat

– Swollen lips, face or throat

– Anaphylactic shock


3. What Kinds Of Seafood That The Seafood Allergy Panel (Advanced) Can Examine?

The Seafood Allergy Panel can examine 4 kinds of seafood allergies, including:

– Octopus allergy

– Salmon allergy

– Tuna allergy

– Shrimp allergy

4. The Importance Of Getting The Seafood Allergy Panel (Advanced)

To test the seafood allergy, collecting blood is used to find out the existence of ImmunoCAP – antibodies that can combat the allergy. Particularly, you will be asked to undergo an Immunoglobulin E test (this is an antibody produced by the immune system when “unknown objects” attack your body) that are specific to the allergen, or an RAST testing in order to measure the response of the immune system to seafood. From there, the allergy causes can be identified, and you can have your doctor develop preventive measures in time. 

5. Frequent questions about The Seafood Allergy Panel (Advanced) 

– Who is ideal for The Seafood Allergy Panel (Advanced)?
This panel is suitable for everyone of various ages who have some allergy symptoms such as respiratory allergies (sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, irritation, swollen eyes), skin rashes, swollen lips, tongue and throat. 

– How long does it take to get the result?
Within 2.5 hours after the laboratory receives the sampling. 

– What are the notices before testing?
At least 5-10 days before the test, you need to stop using anti-allergic medicines such as antihistamines, omalizumab (if any). Besides, you can still maintain your diet and daily activities

6. Why Should You Choose To Test At Diag Laboratories?

At Diag Laboratories, a Medical Center which has been available for over 20 years in Vietnam, you are about to experience the testing process with some utilities such as:

– Experience services empowered with devices like Immunolite 2000 XPi (Siemens) and combine them with other modern devices and methods.

– Experience services that achieve several certificates about testing qualification as ISO 14189, EQAb.

– Experience Diag services where we implement various test categories to meet the patient’s demand. Besides, Diag uses the technique of vacuum blood collection to decrease the pain and risk of breaking vessels and platelets.

– Especially, if you live far away from Diag or are busy at work, Diag Laboratories provides you with home blood service. Subsequently, your sample will be collected at home, then you can track the result online and receive it from an SMS message. 

Seafood allergy is a prevalent situation that can adversely affect your health, daily diet and habit. Therefore, The Seafood Allergy (Advanced) at Diag Laboratories is a necessary selection for you. If you have any symptoms, call 1900 1717 to receive 24/7 advice and book a schedule as soon as possible. Booknow-01-300x120.png

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