Super Woman Test Package, Health Gift For Women!

1. Why Do We Need An Super Woman Screening Test Package? 

Screening tests help identify health problems; help women have timely interventions to help prevent common diseases and reduce complications. 

Healthcare experts recommend that women should participate in early health screening tests. Testing is a method of diagnosing potential diseases at an early stage, such as thyroid cancer, breast cancer, cancer, and uterus. 

Name of image: Why Do Women Need An Early Health Screening Test? 

16 items need utmost attention in women’s health screening tests, including: 

1. Gynecological examination 

2. Overall health check-ups and family history of illness 

3. Breast examination 

4. Mammography 

5. Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Screening 

6. Colon Cancer 

7. Diabetes 

8. Evaluation of lipid profile 

9. Hepatitis B and C Tests 

10. Pap smear 

11. HPV test 

12. Pelvic organ prolapse 

13. Bone density 

14. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test 

15. Skin Cancer Test 

16. Vision test 

Who needs a health screening test? 

Women between the ages of 18 and 65 need a health screening test. At any given period, you have different health risks. Screening tests are the only way to check your current health status, prevent health threats, and improve your quality of life. 

2. Which Screening Test Is Most Important? 

Which screening test is the most essential of the 16 complete categories to check women’s health? 

2.1. Breast examination 

The earlier breast screening tests are done, the sooner breast cancer can be detected early. Tumors under the arm and breast detected and intervened in time when they are still small in size will minimize the possibility of metastasis through the swollen lymph nodes and other organs such as the brain and lungs. Women ages 20 to 39 should get a screening test every 3 years, and women over 40 should get tested yearly. 

2.2. Cervical cancer 

Getting the HPV vaccine before age 26 reduces the risk of cervical cancer. However, we should not be subjective and need to periodically screen for cervical cancer whether vaccinated or not. It is the only way to prevent cancer, including HPV.

The Pap smear and HPV test help detect abnormal cells before they become malignant. 

2.3. Thyroid Test 

Thyroid testing also plays a significant role in cervical and breast cancer testing. This test helps evaluate the hormone TSH. Your thyroid function is unstable when TSH levels exceed the standard threshold. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a yearly thyroid test. 

2.4. Osteoporosis and Fracture 

For women after 30, especially women entering the perimenopause stage, their bone mass decreases more and leads to weakness and brittleness when impacted by a particular force. When the body has osteoporosis signs, you should seek a diagnostic center specializing in testing to screen for this disease. The test helps you identify your current osteoporosis status and predicts future osteoporosis density. At that time, you will know the amount of calcium you need to add and how much is reasonable for your current condition. 

2.5. Skin cancer screening 

Skin determines most of a woman’s appearance in terms of aesthetics and health status assessment. To identify women with healthy skin not only through sight but also through screening tests. Only testing can determine the inside health condition and confirm whether your skin has been and is at risk of cancer simultaneously. 

The harmful effects of UV exposure will cause unavoidable damage, such as photokeratitis and cancer. UV exposure damages the skin’s immune system by losing activity and Langerhans cells. With the characteristic of being a country near the equator and with a tropical climate, Vietnamese people receive substantial harmful effects from UV rays. Therefore, skin protection plays a vital role. During the skin cancer screening test routine, doctors will follow skin changes in shape, size, and color and provide helpful recommendations and warnings about the risk of skin cancer for women.  

2.6. Cholesterol 

  • What is the purpose of a cholesterol test? 

Cholesterol plays an important role in a women’s health. Plaques form from cholesterol that can clog arteries. When they accumulate over a long period and are asymptomatic, they cause heart attacks and strokes. High cholesterol is a silent threat to women, leading to hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis. Women with a history of hypertension and diabetes or a habit of smoking will increase harmful cholesterol levels. 

  • What tests need to be done for cholesterol checked? 

You will take the blood test to measure total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Note: You must be fast for 8-12 hours before the cholesterol test.  

2.7. Type 2 Diabetes 

The risk of type 2 diabetes is severe. This disease will cause heart, kidney, and blindness complications due to damaged retinal capillaries. Of all the types of diabetes, type 2 diabetes is the most common in women. If you are suspect, take a diabetes screening test at reputable medical centers to assess your condition. A fasting blood glucose level of 100-125 means you are pre-diabetic, while a fasting blood glucose level of 126 or more means you have diabetes. Note that you need to fast for at least 8 hours for the test results to be accurate. 

2.8. Colon cancer 

At what age are women most recommended to be screened for colon cancer? Doctors recommend that women over 50 take a colorectal cancer screening test. However, no matter what age you are in doubt about the function of the colon, let’s get screened immediately to eliminate health problems at an early stage. Eliminating cancer-causing pathogens as soon as possible will prevent the disease’s complications and reduce mortality risk. 

2.9. Hypertension 

Blood pressure measurement is the most effective measure of blood pressure status. However, blood pressure measurement is not the most intensive method. Testing is an advanced solution to help accurately diagnose high blood pressure, help rule out secondary causes of hypertension, and determine the extent of blood pressure damage to the heart and related risks. High blood pressure can cause sudden and life-threatening heart attacks. Therefore, regular blood pressure screening will prevent the long-term dangers of heart disease and kidney failure. 

3. Where Should We Choose To Take A Screening Test? 

Medical diagnostic centers specializing in testing are the first choice for health screening. Diag Laboratories is a fully functional and technically advanced testing center to provide 100% accurate test results. Diag Laboratories currently has 2 basic and advanced test packages with a 15% discount for women on International Women’s Day 8/3. You can refer here: 

Name of image: Basic and advanced health screening test package for women 

3.1. Basic women’s health screening test package 

The test package for women aims to assess the overall health and promptly detect risks that affect health based on basic test parameters. The original price of 1,650,000 VND is only 1,400,000 VND now. 

Women need to perform a screening test every 6 months to assess their health status and promptly detect risk factors that affect health to change their lifestyle accordingly more suitable.  

3.2. Advanced Women’s Health Screening Test Package 

The test kit for women aims to assess overall health and promptly detect risks affecting health based on in-depth testing parameters to screen for CANCER pathologies related to women. Original price 2,010,000 VND discounted to 1,700,000 VND. 

Women need to perform a screening test every 6 months to assess their health status and promptly detect risk factors that affect health so that they can change their lifestyle/lifestyle accordingly. More suitable. 

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