Fever Profile Test Panel

The Fever Profile Test Panel is designed to assist in detecting and distinguishing fever types in patients. As a result, it helps in allowing doctors to develop timely and appropriate treatment plans.

– Gender: Male, Female.

– Sample type: Blood & Urine.

– Age: All ages with high fever or a suspected case of dengue viral fever. 

– Result: 03 hours after the lab receives the sample.

– Frequency recommendation: When symptoms are suspected or present in an endemic area. 

– Note: It is not necessary to fast before sampling. 


1. Test Panel Overview

The test panel helps to detect and distinguish different types of fever, helping patients understand the disease and allowing them to take preventive measures to protect themselves and those around them. The panel also supports the doctor in treatment and prescribing a treatment regimen suitable for each type of disease. 

2. Who should get tested? 

The test panel is for people with symptoms such as: 

– High fever reaching 40 degrees and recurring again despite the use of antipyretics.

– Headache or joint and muscle pain.

– Rash 

– Nausea and vomiting 

3. What does the test Panel include? 

The test panel includes: 

– Complete Blood Count (CBC)


– Urinalysis

– Dengue NS1Ag

– Dengue IgG + IgM

– SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Ag in Respiratory specimen by Rapid immunoassay (Self-test)

4. What do the Test Panel result mean? 

The test panel means: 

– Complete Blood Count (CBC): Helps to monitor platelet count and blood concentration through HCT index.

– CRP: Supports diagnosis of infection.

– Urinalysis: Evaluates the overall health situation by analyzing 10 parameters in urine. 
– SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Ag in Respiratory specimen by Rapid immunoassay (self-test): Detects the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) antigen in nasal samples from rapid tests.
Other tests (only applicable at the Cao Thang branch, and the price is not included in the test panel):
– Chest X-ray: Detects damage in the lungs.
– Ultrasound: Detects abdominal damage. 

5.  Why should you choose Diag Laboratories For Your Test? 

We have a proven track record of success from over 20 years of operations in Vietnam. You will experience a test process with convenient and reliable features, such as:

– Analytical devices, such as Alinity (Abbott) and Cobas 8000 (Roche), with origin certification, that can achieve correct results quickly.

– Industry-standard testing certifications, such as ISO 15189, EQAb.

– A wide range of test categories to meet your demands as a patient. Diag collects sampling by a modern vacuum technique that reduces pain and the risk of breaking vessels or platelets.

– Diag Laboratories will provide a home blood service if you are too busy with your work or home life to make it to the lab. Diag will collect the sample at your home, and you will receive the result online and from an SMS message.

Call the Diag hotline on 1900 1717 to receive 24/7 advice and to book The Fever Profile Test Panel as soon as possible.


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