3rd Trimester Panel

The 3rd Trimester Panel performs essential 3rd-trimester prenatal tests, cost and time optimized, so mothers are well-prepared for labor. 

– Sample Type: Blood | Urine.

– Age: Pregnant women in the last 3 months of their term (4 weeks before giving birth).

– Results: 24 hours from when the laboratory receives the sample.

– Note: You must fast for at least 8 hours before the test.



1. Overview of Test Panels for Mothers and Babies in the 3rd Trimester

The 3rd Trimester Panel provides 13 essential tests to check your and your baby’s health, preparing you to welcome your little angel. Mom.

2. Which Tests are included in the 3rd Trimester Panel?

The panel deploys 13 tests necessary for the third trimester, including:

– Complete blood count (CBC) test: This is the core blood test that the mother needs to take. It helps the doctor check for anemia and determine if Rh+ or Rh- to detect any incompatibility in the mother-infant agreement and provide an overall health assessment.

– China test | TCK: Helps detect any blood clotting issues, the leading cause of mothers being unable to stop bleeding at birth, a danger for mother and baby.

– AST test | ALT: Used to detect liver abnormalities.

– Urea test | Creatinine: Helps identify kidney abnormalities.

– HbsAg test | anti-HBs | anti-HCV: Screens for hepatitis B and hepatitis C to ensure the mother’s health and avoid mother-to-child transmission.

– HIV test: Screens for HIV to avoid transmission to the baby and ensure doctors use appropriate methods during cesarean sections for HIV-infected pregnant women.

– Fasting glucose: During pregnancy, you must produce 3 times more insulin than usual to stabilize blood sugar (glucose) levels. If there is not enough insulin, it can lead to diabetes. Mothers need to perform a gestational diabetes test to protect their health and ensure that the baby is born without hypoglycemia, which can cause coma and brain damage.

– Urinalysis: Helps doctors detect kidney diseases and urinary tract infections (burning sensations when urinating, blood in urine) and take measures that provide timely treatment.

3. Why Test At Diag Laboratories?

Coming to Diag Laboratories – Testing Center, which has been present for more than 20 years in Vietnam, you will experience a smooth testing process with outstanding facilities such as:

– State-of-the-art analytical equipment systems such as Alinity (Abbott) and Cobas 8000 (Roche) with certified chemicals to bring absolute, fast results.

– Certificates of test quality such as ISO 15189.

– A variety of tests to meet your needs. Diag uses modern vacuum blood collection techniques to reduce pain and the risk of rupturing veins or red blood cells.

– If you are far away from the center or busy with work, use our home sampling service. Your sample will be taken at home, and you can track your profile information online and receive results via SMS.

The 3rd Trimester Panel provides essential tests as you prepare for labor. Do not hesitate to call the hotline on 1900 1717 to receive advice from Diag staff and make an appointment as soon as possible.


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