Screen for STDs allowing diagnosis and treatment before symptoms present.
685,000 đ

Early detection of cancer signs allows for more effective treatment plans.
1,735,000 đ

Screening for cancer offers the best opportunity for early intervention.
1,550,000 đ

Having difficulty conceiving? Test to find irregularities in your reproductive system.
1,686,000 đ

Identify any reproductive issues present, so you can address the underlying cause.
999,000 đ

Don’t wait for symptoms to appear before evaluating your health.
660,000 đ

Test packages

Early detection and intervention for possible defects during your pregnancy.
3,715,000 đ

A comprehensive panel of screening tests for your 1st trimester of pregnancy.
904,000 đ

Gain peace of mind and minimize risk with 1st-trimester screening tests.
452,000 đ

Detect and monitor any potential fetal abnormalities during the 2nd trimester.
1,076,000 đ

The screening tests you need to stay safe and healthy in the 2nd trimester.
629,000 đ

3rd-trimester tests are an essential step as you prepare for labor.
853,000 đ

Assess your health and shorten recovery time during treatment for dengue fever.
119,000 đ

Diagnose the cause of your fever and assess your general health.
450,000 đ

Reduce your risk of diabetes complications to keep living life to its full.
255,000 đ

Help monitor your health and manage risks from diabetes.
143,000 đ

Protect your future well-being with tests that identify potential risks for over 50s.
2,240,000 đ

Keep your future in mind with comprehensive insights into your health.
1,535,000 đ

Stay happy and healthy with an in-depth health assessment for 36-50 year-olds.
1,575,000 đ

Don’t wait for symptoms to appear before evaluating your health.
660,000 đ

Find the root cause of your everyday food allergy for a safer, healthier diet.
2,600,000 đ

Help to detect and distinguish different types of fever.
699,000 đ