Test packages

Assess your health and shorten recovery time during treatment for dengue fever.
Diagnose the cause of your fever and assess your general health.
Reduce your risk of diabetes complications to keep living life to its full.
Help monitor your health and manage risks from diabetes.
Protect your future well-being with tests that identify potential risks for over 50s.
Keep your future in mind with comprehensive insights into your health.
Stay happy and healthy with an in-depth health assessment for 36-50 year-olds.
Don’t wait for symptoms to appear before evaluating your health.
Find the root cause of your everyday food allergy for a safer, healthier diet.
Balance your diet by assessing how your body reacts to fruits and vegetables.
Find out why your liver enzymes are elevated and get the treatment you need.
Monitor risk of cardiovascular diseases and the effectiveness of treatment.
Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by checking your cholesterol levels.
Test your immune response to eggs, beef, chicken, and pork.
Identify any reproductive issues present, so you can address the underlying cause.
Detect hormonal diseases and causes of erectile dysfunction or ejaculation issues.