What Is The Mean Of Endocrine Test Before Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very important period not only for couples but also for the development of the baby in the womb. A hormonal test to prepare for pregnancy is a very meaningful thing, fertility assessment, and perfect preparation to enter a critical period ready to welcome your baby to this world.

Because when hormonal disorders will seriously affect reproductive health and the ability to become pregnant, there is a risk of infertility. So, what hormonal tests include and how is useful information that couples should learn carefully.

What Is Hormonal Testing?

Hormonal tests preparing for pregnancy help early detection of abnormalities
in the endocrine system

Hormone test to prepare for pregnancy includes many different tests, through the test results, doctors will evaluate the sex life, health, and fertility of couples.

Specifically, looking at the test results will know the fertility or infertility of each person. If fertility is low, the test taker is having a hormonal problem or not. The function and function of the ovaries and the ability to store ovaries are also clearly checked thanks to this test.

Thanks to the early detection of hormonal disorders, anomalies in the endocrine system, from the obtained results there will be an appropriate treatment regimen to improve the patient's fertility.

What Are Female Hormonal Disorders?

Hormonal disorders in women come from many causes
and can cause infertility if the condition persists

For women, hormones are of particular importance not only for good health but also for balancing metabolism, affecting reproductive function.

Hormonal dysfunction is an abnormally secreted hormone condition, which can be at higher or lower concentrations that cause health, fitness, and physiological effects including impaired chamber function. eggs, increasing the risk of diseases related to gynecology. In the long run, even endocrine disorders can lead to a risk of infertility in women.

Hormonal disorders can be caused by unhealthy eating that increases estrogen levels in the body, adopting an unscientific weight loss regime that causes a lack of substance. Birth control pills are also responsible for a hormone imbalance. People who are often stressed out, have a habit of staying up late are also prone to hormonal disorders.

In addition, polluted living environment, frequent exposure to toxic chemicals, unsafe workplaces, problems due to age, or the person having reduced ovaries are the causes of internal disorders.

Effects Of Endocrine Disorders In Women

What are the effects of endocrine disorders in women on fertility and health?

People with hormonal disorders will initially have signs of health effects such as skin pimples, headaches, tired people with frequent symptoms of insomnia. Often easy to gain weight, digestive disorders, body sweat a lot, reduce libido.

If the condition persists, it will impair the function of the ovaries, uterus, and infertility. In addition, it also leads to skin diseases such as skin pigmentation and darkening. The mammary glands are also affected by painful hormonal disorders, breast hyperplasia, and potentially breast cancer.

What Does Hormonal Testing Include?

Hormone testing to prepare for pregnancy is not only for women to evaluate fertility problems, but even husbands should also do hormonal tests with their wives.

Male Hormone Test

• Testosterone test: This is a hormone that has important implications in sex life and health, stimulating the ability to increase libido and pleasure in men. Through lower than normal levels of testosterone, men will know whether or not a man has a decrease in sexual ability.

• FSH test: This test helps doctors find the cause when a man has a non-spermatic condition. From there, there are suitable treatment directions for patients. If the FSH level is low, it proves that the patient has a depressive, pituitary gland. Conversely, if the FSH concentration is higher than the normal threshold of 2-12 mIU / ml, the patient has testicular syndrome no longer able to respond to the stimulation of female gonadotropins.

• Prolactin test: This test is intended to diagnose abnormalities in the male genital system. Along with the tests of testosterone, FSH … will help find the cause of infertility, erectile dysfunction in men.

• Estradiol test: Usually this test is used to evaluate problems with puberty in men. If the concentration of Estradiol exceeds 28 – 156 pmol / l causes premature puberty, the mammary gland will be feminized. When this level is lower than normal, it can cause delayed puberty or genital failure.

Female Hormone Test

According to recommendations from experts to have timely monitoring of abnormal signs we should go for female hormone testing about 1-2 times a year. The best is every 6 months, especially for couples who are wishing to have children.

When there are signs of endocrine disorders such as irregular menstrual cycles, tired people, or problems in pregnancy, preparing for, in vitro fertilization, female hormone testing is immediately extremely important. important and necessary.

Prolactin Test

The prolactin test will be done in men or women. The hormone Prolactin helps to inhibit ovulation by controlling and inhibiting two hormones, FSH and GnRH, which play a role in helping eggs and normal formation and development, stimulating ovulation in each cycle.

This is considered a natural contraceptive method of the body. When the hormone Prolactin is high, the body will experience ovulation disorders, leading to infertility.

AMH Test

The AMH test helps predict fertility in women in the near future

AMH's full name is Anti-Mullerian Hormone produced in the granulosa cells of the ovary follicle. The AMH test is significant in assessing the level of storage and the ability to supply eggs in the ovaries in women to help doctors make predictions about the patient's fertility at the present time and in the future.

FSH Test

What role does FSH play in reproduction in women?

FSH is an important hormone in female fertility that stimulates follicles. Through the FSH test results, doctors will know whether the ovarian reserve is high or low, to detect polycystic ovary conditions affecting fertility in women.

LH Test

LH tests should be done on the 2nd – 3rd day of the menstrual cycle. The hormone LH has important implications for ovarian function and is a reflection of fertility in women. When LH levels are high, there is a risk of polycystic ovaries, decreased fertility of the ovaries. When LH levels are too low, it is also worth noting that menstrual disorders are caused by difficulty in ovulation.

Estrogen Test

Estrogen test should be done on day 2 – 4 of the menstrual cycle

Estrogen is a female sex hormone that plays an extremely important role in the production and regulation of the ovaries, helping to develop the components of the female genital organs. The normal threshold of Estrogen is 70 – 220 pmol / L. Estrogen is usually done on days 2 – 4 of the menstrual cycle.

Progesterone Test

The Progesterone Test is done for women who have menstrual problems or are pregnant. During pregnancy, it is normal for progesterone levels to increase to help protect the fetus.

But when the body is normal but the level of Progesterone increases, it will lead to endocrine disorders, fatigue, impaired sex drive … Some cases show signs of ectopic pregnancy. If the baby develops abnormally, the doctor will order this test to check.

Testosterone Test

Is testosterone testing necessary?

Testosterone hormone is not only present in men, but also in women in certain amounts. Testosterone concentrations high or low both cause abnormalities and affect health. Through the test results, doctors will diagnose the cause of infertility, menstrual disorders, and masculinizing characteristics in women.

What To Do Before A Endocrine Test Prepare To Get Pregnant

Before the endocrine test to prepare for pregnancy, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the results will not be affected to help doctors make a more accurate diagnosis as follows:

• For men before the test, but need to use drugs to treat the ability to affect the amount of Testosterone in the blood.

• For accurate results according to recommendations from the patient's doctor, fast for 4-6 hours before the test.

• Keep the mind as comfortable as possible, get enough sleep to avoid self-pressure affecting the results.

• Inform your doctor about used medicines or unusual symptoms of your body.

• Female hormones are not always the same, but depend on the menstrual cycle, so you need to note that going on the right day depending on the type of test to get the exact results as the FSH and LH test on day 2 – 4 of the menstrual cycle. Test and Progesterone on day 21 of the 28-day menstrual cycle.
For couples who are wishing to have children but having fertility problems, or want to have a test to evaluate the status of fertility, hormonal testing to prepare for pregnancy is of special significance. special and necessary to help doctors make an accurate diagnosis of fertility. Since then, there is a treatment regimen if the patient's condition is not stable, helping couples to soon fulfill their desire to become a parent.

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