Do You Know All The Great Benefits Of Omega 3 Yet?

Omega 3 is also known as an unsaturated fatty acid. Most of us know the outstanding use of Omega 3 is to enhance eyesight. But this is not all, Omega 3 has many other great benefits for human health.

So what about interesting things about Omega 3 that you did not know? How much Omega 3 is enough? Let's find out through this article together!

What Is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is also known by its full name as unsaturated fatty acids. This is an essential substance for the body.

Omega 3 – Unsaturated fatty acids are an essential nutrient for the body

Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids include many types, of which the three most important are Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

  • Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) works to purify the blood, reduce atherosclerosis, EPA is found in many types of milk, cheese, and other foods.
  •  Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) has a very good antioxidant effect, often found in seed oils, especially canola and flaxseed oils.
  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) accounts for more than 90% of the ratio in Omega 3, DHA is found in many animals, algae, and especially fish such as mackerel, sardines, and herring.

Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids bring many great benefits to human health. However, our body cannot produce and synthesize Omega 3 by itself, so the way to supplement the body with Omega 3 is to eat a variety of Omega 3 rich foods.

Some foods are rich in Omega 3 such as nuts, fish meat, red meat … More conveniently you can use pre-refined Omega 3 capsules including essential oils from fish or essential oils. seaweed extra.

However, when using these supplements, you should consult your doctor to ensure they are safe and used properly.

Find Out The Amazing Effects Of Omega 3 On Health

Omega 3 – Unsaturated fatty acids are a type of substance that brings many health benefits, not only that it also works in the prevention and treatment of many dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer.

The preventive and supportive effect in the treatment of cardiovascular disease

Heart-related diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure are the leading causes of death not only in Vietnam but worldwide.

The cause of cardiovascular disease often comes from bad living habits, which can be prevented by preventing risk factors.

Omega 3 helps prevent and support cardiovascular disease effectively

An effective way to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease is thanks to Omega 3. According to scientific studies that have demonstrated the great benefits of Omega 3 for cardiovascular disease. People who eat fish with omega 3 have a lower rate of cardiovascular disease than those who eat fish.

When the body absorbs Omega 3 will help produce good cholesterol, limit the formation of atherosclerosis, and blood clotting is also prevented. In addition, Omega 3 also reduces the production of substances that are harmful to the heart and fight inflammation.

Reduce liver fat

Currently, fatty liver ultrasound does not stem from the cause of alcohol is quite common. This situation is very easy to lead to liver disease and obesity, which makes the body tired, and health decline.

To reduce the fatty liver status and prevent liver disease from happening, the best way is to get enough nutrients, especially getting enough Omega 3 for the body.

Omega 3 has the effect of improving the fatty liver status significantly, for patients actively supplementing with correct and sufficient Omega 3 after a period of liver ultrasound shows that the condition has been greatly reduced.

Improve sleep condition

A deep sleep after a tiring day is the natural way for the body to restore energy and stay healthy. However, many cases of difficulty sleeping, shallow sleep, this is the cause of obesity, depression, fatigue and obesity.

The wonderful benefits that Omega 3 bring to health

It is true that a deficiency in Omega 3 is the cause of insomnia in children and especially sleep apnea in adults.

The lack of DHA, an important component in Omega 3 also reduces the hormone melatonin, which is a very necessary hormone produced to help us fall asleep easily.

Thus, the supplementation of Omega 3 according to studies will significantly improve sleep quality and prolong sleep.

Improved eyesight and brain enhancement

DHA is an important ingredient in Omega 3, is a very good nutrient for brain development and vision, especially necessary in the development of young children.

For people with impaired vision, blurred vision, fatigue, weakness, amnesia, and less intelligent children, immediately adding foods rich in DHA and Omega 3 is essential, helping to compensate. lack of nutrients and effectively improves the condition of the eye and brain.

The secret to smooth skin

Smooth skin is the desire of many people, especially women. Omega 3 is the "golden key" to help women prevent aging and improve skin significantly.

Omega 3 prevents aging – The secret to youthful skin

DHA has the function of building the structure of the cell membrane, nourishing the skin, Eicosapentaenoic acid is responsible for controlling the amount of oil and moisture in the skin, preventing the horny layer from increasing to the skin …

In summary, Omega 3 indeed brings many benefits to help rejuvenate and maintain the youthfulness of the skin that women should consider to supplement the body.

Prevent cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and difficult to treat diseases and is the leading cause of death in the world.

According to scientific studies has shown that Omega 3 reduces the risk of cancer significantly, in which the rate of intestinal cancer reduction is up to 55%.

Some other studies also show that Omega 3 helps prevent cancer effectively, especially prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

Beneficial for depression

One of the most common mental disorders is depression. Currently, with many pressures from life, the number of patients suffering from depression has increased significantly. The studies of these patients showed that in their bodies the amount of Omega 3 is quite low.

The supplement and absorption of nutrients from the body from Omega 3 have the ability to reduce psychological instability, reduce anxiety and stress, thereby preventing depression from occurring.

Long-term use of Omega 3 can help support depression

However, you should also note that Omega 3 is not a medicine used to treat depression. When you have any symptoms of depression and mental disorders you should consult your doctor for appropriate treatment.

Help to reduce attention deficit hyperactivity in children (ADHD)

ADHD – Unintentional hyperactivity disorder, children often have overactive, impulsive behavior, reduce concentration, decrease learning efficiency, prevent children from cooperating with their parents.

There is a lot of research on ADHD that shows that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often have lower levels of Omega 3 in their blood than other children. Supplementing enough Omega 3 for children in the early years of life and development helps to significantly reduce symptoms of ADHD.

How to Supplement Omega 3?

Omega 3 is abundant in everyday foods, nuts, seed oils, especially fish, and is abundant in fish fat. According to experts, we should eat fish about 2-3 times per week, should prioritize fresh fish instead of canned fish.

Omega 3 rich foods

FDA – The US Food and Drug Administration recommends that we should not supplement with Omega 3 beyond 5000mg every day, which can lead to blood thinning and many other problems.

For patients with coronary artery disease, daily omega 3 intakes can be as high as 1000 mg. Also in patients with high triglycerides should supplement EPA and DHA daily from 2000 to 4000 mg.

If your food sources provide adequate amounts of Omega 3, then fish oil supplementation is not necessary. In case you want to use, or have health problems, consult your doctor before taking.

Notes When Using Omega 3 Correctly

Thus, Omega 3 actually brings a lot of benefits to improve health and effectively prevent disease. But the following should also be kept in mind to ensure the correct use of Omega 3 and good results.

You should consult your doctor before using Omega 3

Depending on the condition of each person, there will be an appropriate amount of Omega 3. For normal people, the need for Omega 3 to provide the body is about 200 to 250 mg of EPA and DHA. But the amount of Omega 3 can be high for pregnant women and in extreme cases.

Eating too much Omega 3 is not a good way that can cause the body to trouble. Therefore, you need to consult your doctor to know the best dosage to use.

In exceptional circumstances should not take Omega 3

Not everyone can optionally supplement Omega 3. There are cases of essential oil allergy or have gastrointestinal problems, should not be used on their own, if so, consult a doctor.

In addition, the EPA in Omega 3 will affect organs in the body for children under 15 months of age, so supplementing with Omega 3 for children at a very young age is not recommended.

Omega 3 supplementations for children at a very young age is not recommended

Indeed, Omega 3 is a wonderful nutrient that has many amazing health benefits. Adequate omega 3 intake for the body is essential to maintaining health and preventing disease. However, you also need to note the dosage and usage to suit your own condition.

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