Kit Instruction

Scan The QR Code Sticker Inside The Kit Box, Access The Link Provided By The QR And Fill The Required Information To Register Your Sample

Our Laboratory Cannot Process Your Sample If This Step Is Missed

1. Read Instructions and Watch Video

Carefully read these instructions prior to using the Nasal Self-collection Kit COVID-19 RT PCR Test. You are also recommended to watch your video for a visual tutorial.

Look at the expiry date of the kit box. If the expiry date has passed, do not use the kit.

DO NOT throw away the box. You need to use the box to return the sample to Diag Laboratories.

2. Prepare to Collect

Clean the surface where you will put the kit box and its inside components.

Then thoroughly wash your hand with either soap and water or sannitizer prior to opening your kit and proceeding with collection.

Before collecting your sample, please ensure that you will be able to send the sample back to a sample pick-up point as soon as possible. This is important to maintain the accuracy of your test result.

3. Collect Sample

3.1 Remove the swab from the package. Do not touch the soft and with your hands or anything else. Unscrew the cap of the tube in the kit box.

3.2 Insert the entire soft and of the swab into your nostril no more than 2cm.

3.3 Slowly rotate the swab gently pressing against the inside of your nostril. Perform at least 4 rotations of the swab for a total of 15 seconds. Collect as much nasal discharge as possible on the soft and of the swab. Gently remove the swab.

3.4 Using the same swab, repeat steps 3.2 – 3.3 in your other nostril with the same end of the swab. Place the swab in the tube and snap off the end of the swab at the break line. Then tighten the cap on the tube.

4. Pack your Sample

4.1 Wrap the tube with the absorbent sheet provided. Then place the wrapped tube into the zip bag with the hazard label and seal the hazard label bag. Throw away the remaining sample collection kit items.

4.2 Place the hazard label bag into the bigger labelless zip bag and seal the bigger bag.

4.3 Finally, place the bag into the box and close the box. Use the alcohol prep pad to disinfect the box. Use the yellow sticker to seal the box.

5. Sample Shipping

Visit for information on the sample shipping and times for sample return. Please send back your sample as soon as possible after collecting to ensure the precision of the test result.