The Resplex Screening Panel


According to WHO statistics in 2017, the proportion of death that were caused by seasonal flu rose remarkably more than estimated, there were about 290,000 – 650,0000 deaths case that caused by seasonal flu rose per year. Due to the changing of weather is one of the main reason caused flu disease, may be spread rapidly as pandemic in case without controlling and well protection strategy. Experts said that there are many types of virus can cause seasonal flu, in order to identify an accurate types, we need to carry out diagnostic tests in order to increase efficiency in the treatment process.


Help patient understand clearly the types of virus they are suffering from, allowing them to take preventive measures, protect themselves and those around them. From test results, doctors can give the most effective treatment for each type of disease.


Qualitative for 4 types of virus provides information through the tests only to analyze and measure to find the causative agents. From there, based on the test results, it is possible to make a accurate diagnosis of the type of disease being suffered.


Sample should be taken before wash mouth, gargle.


When you have symptoms or have been exposed to pathogens.


Call 1900 1717 to request a Home Collection.
Standard call charges apply.


The consultation service for test results is as follows:
Step 1: Go to Diag website, select a test package, and make a booking.
Step 2: Pay and get sample collected at a Diag location or at home.
Step 3: Choose a timeslot for doctor consultation.
Step 4: Receive your test results via text message.
Step 5: A Diag doctor will contact you by phone to consult the results.
(*) Please keep in mind:
Only available to customers who purchased test packages.
Applied to all Diag locations.

750,000 đ
Gender: Men, Women
Function: Fever Check Up
Ideal For: All people with different ages who get allergy symptoms.
Report Availability: The results will be released about 18 - 22 hours since the time Lab receives samples.
Sample Type: Nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal/nasal swab, Bronchoalveolar lavage, Sputum/saliva.
1 Tests Included
  • Qualitative for 4 types of virus: Influenzae virus A, Influenzae virus B, COVID-19 , Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).